Preparing Your Home for Spring

    At the change of each season, there are different tasks to be completed when owning a home. During spring, this often takes the form of cleaning and refreshing the exterior and interior of a home. If you’re new to home ownership, the following is a list of a few essential chores to be completed around the home.


·         Clear your gutters: No matter what climate you live in, the winter season can bring inclement weather to your surrounding area. Making sure that gutters and downspouts are clear and free of debris will ensure that water won’t collect around your roof or foundation. This pooling of water could cause damage to either section of your home. 

·         Examine for damage done to your roof during the winter: Check that there are no shingles missing or damaged areas that could cause leaks or other problems throughout the year.

·         Have HVAC system inspected by professional: As the weather warms throughout the spring, you will want to make sure your HVAC unit is in good working order. Make sure that the coils are cleaned so that they can work more efficiently, all filters inside your home are changed and the duct pipes are cleaned.  While you’re at it, have them check the dryer vents and ducts and clean them if needed, to avoid lint and dust buildup.

·         Check your water heater for leaks or corrosion: Any leaks in your water heater can cause damage to your floor, sub-flooring and walls. This can also lead to serious health problems if mold develops in your home.

·         Prune/clean up yard in preparation for new spring growth: This includes removing dead trees, cleaning and preparing yard equipment like lawn mowers for use. Make sure any dead or damaged trees and plants are removed from your lawn and garden, and fertilize your healthy plants for optimal growth.



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