Maximizing Coupons and Grocery Sales? Make Your Storage Facility Near Lafayette an Extension of Your Pantry

Maximizing Coupons and Grocery Sales? Make Your Storage Facility Near Lafayette an Extension of Your Pantry

Many grocery stores and warehouse chains offer special sales for consumers that purchase food items in bulk. While this is a great money-saving opportunity, where do you to store all of those items you have purchased during your stock up sale? Not everyone is lucky enough to have an oversized pantry or even a basement to create a food storage section. You don’t really need one! You can easily manage to keep your excess food items in a storage facility near Lafayette as an extension of your home or office food storage.

Store Your Food Right – Avoid Spoilage
There is no point in stocking up if the food you purchase on sale goes to waste. Therefore, you need to ensure your food storage is set up so you can rotate your stock properly; similar to that of a grocery store. Here are a few useful tips for storing your food in a rental unit:
  • Check the Expiration Date – Products without preservatives will not have as long a shelf life as those that do. Therefore, these items should be stored toward the front and easier to access so that they are consumed first. Perishable items typically include condiments, organic fruits and vegetables, etc. Canned foods with preservatives will typically last a year or more so they can be stored toward the back. Look at the expiration date and then write it largely on the front using a bold marker. That way it is easier to see the date. If you can, use rotating shelves designed for canned foods so that the items in the back are automatically pushed forward each time you remove an item.
  • Dehydrate – If you want to create a good stockpile, you can purchase a dehydrator machine. Then, buy fruits and vegetables on sale and dehydrate them at home. Dehydrating stops the spoilage process, but keeps enzymes intact, so you are still receiving the nutrients. Then, vacuum seal those dehydrated food items and put them where they are easily accessible. They will last well, away from moisture and light in the storage unit.
  • Change the Packaging – Purchase food in sealed canisters or buy long-term food storage canisters with the rubber ring and sealed lid. You can then install oxygen absorbers so that you can store bulk items like rice, barley, beans and quinoa for months. Oxygen absorbers can be purchased at your storage facility and changed out when used up.
  • Keep Everything Cool – Inspect the storage unit before you rent it for food storage purposes. Consider factors such as moisture levels and temperature. As long as the storage area is dark, cool and moisture-free, sealed foods can be stored for a year or more. Keep in mind, however, that the USDA recommends never storing food for more than a year.
You can create an extension of your pantry and happily stock up at your next bulk sale at the grocery store. By renting a unit in a storage facility near Lafayette, you can save money, stock up on food items and maximize your extended pantry

Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 925-643-2024 to discuss your options for a storage unit.  You can also reserve your unit online for the next grocery stock-up sale. If you are not sure how much space you will need for your household items, use our online “Space Calculator”. 


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