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How to Pack and Store Your Belongings in a Self-Storage Unit

            Congratulations! If you’ve just sold your home, but unfortunately find that your new home won’t be ready to move into for another month, what will you do with your belongings during that time? After a thoughtful amount of research, you find 5A Rent-A-Space, a storage facility in close proximity to your new home. Unsure of what size storage unit you should rent? 5A has an online space calculator that can show you what size you need. But before packing up your belongings, ask yourself, “Do I have the correct supplies to protect my belongings while in storage?”  Jean Colburn, 5A Rent-A-Space Customer Relations Manager, gives us her list of essential moving supplies and tips for successfully packing a storage unit. Essential Moving/Packing Supplies: Moving Boxes (various sizes)  Wardrobe Boxes for clothing  Dish Pack Boxes  Glass Pack Boxes  Packing Tape  Mattress, Sofa, & Other Furniture Covers  Cloth Covers/Moving Blankets  Wrapping