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Moving 101: Less Stress, More Organization

Moving day sets most people on edge. The hassle of locating a new home or apartment, signing a lease or purchase, finding boxes, and securing help just to end up sweaty and exhausted, is not a welcome feeling. Packing and transporting a house full of belongings is a task few look forward to. It feels complicated and often frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Ease the stress of moving when you plan ahead and lease storage space from 5A Rent-A-Space. Not only will you have the extra room you need to stay organized, but we also sell packing supplies like moving boxes , bubble wrap, and tape. We will even move you in with our free moving van when you rent a unit from us near Foster City. 6 Tips to Make Moving a Stress-Free and Organized Experience  Are you ready to feel excited rather than stressed about your upcoming move? Check out these tips: Decide where you want to live and tell your family. Take some time to explore the areas where you want to move. Check them out at various time

Continuing Home Hygiene & Safety during & after COVID-19

If hindsight is 20/20, then this year 2020 is leaving us with much to remember. The COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, leaving us all stunned and scrambling to find essentials like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. While the pandemic is still a threat, we can take a moment to assess the lessons from this terrible and extremely contagious virus. We can take stock of the new cleanliness habits we’ve made and make our homes a much safer place. Give yourself a leg up on the cleaning when you declutter and use a storage unit to tuck away those lesser-used items. We have the moving boxes and extra supplies you need to remove unwanted belongings and store them away. When you rent from us, we will even move your stuff to your unit ! 6 Habits to Keep after COVID-19  The pandemic may be subsiding, but that does not mean we should lessen our vigilance. Here are some cleaning habits we need to keep in place to maintain a healthy home environment: Keep washing your hands. Your best defe

How to Prepare Your Home for Short-Term Renting

Since its inception in 2008, Airbnb has helped homeowners earn supplementary and even fulltime income by renting out a room or their entire house. However, there is more to cleaning out a room and posting a few pictures. If you want to take full advantage of the opportunity, you’ll find that the owners who make the most money are the ones who do the “little” things that add up to a big payoff in repeat business and sound reputation. Make the most of the short-term rental opportunity by preparing your home and making it guest friendly. 5A Rent-A-Space helps by providing off-site storage units near your Maui home. Remove the extra clutter and leave a spacious area for your guests to enjoy during their stay. You may even enjoy more 5-star ratings. 5 Tips to Make Your Home Short-Term Rental Friendly Before you put out the vacancy sign, use these tips to make your home more appealing to renters: Think about safety. Guests want to stay in safe places, not just in terms of geography, but al