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Store Your Winter Sports Equipment in a Storage Unit Near San Mateo

        For die-hard winter sports enthusiasts, April is the time to put sports equipment away and into hibernation. Without proper care, hours of toe loops, salchows, and camel spins, will leave your skates dull and worn. It is very easy to grab your skis at the end of the season and throw them in a closet. You might think stuffing your ski jacket into a trash bag to toss it into the attic will suffice for storage. However, what happens next season when you open your ski jacket to find mold or mildew? Winter sports equipment can be expensive, and of course, you want to protect your investment. Prepping your equipment for proper storage in one of our storage units near San Mateo can save you time and money next season.   Tips for Preparing Your Winter Sports Equipment for Storage Here are some tips to help you prepare your winter sports equipment for a successful start to next season: ·          Snowboards and Skis: Take the time to clean and wax your snowboa

Summer Storage Tips for College Students

      Once you finish your last final exam, it is time to turn your attention to packing up for the summer. Before you start flinging your possessions haphazardly into boxes, take some time to consider what you need to take home or store near the campus . Items to take home include spring or summer clothing, personal items, jewelry, and personal computer equipment you might need. Safely and efficiently store all other items by renting storage units near Moraga . 5ASpace offers you some attractive coupon deals and a “Student Discount” when you rent a unit with us. Temporarily storing your dishes and furnishings in a storage unit is a convenient way to ease the burden of moving back in the fall. The more you plan and organize yourself now, the easier moving back to the campus will be later.   Tips for Packing and Storing Your College Furnishings and Personal Items Here are some useful tips to guide your packing: ·          Organize Into Categories: Start