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Planting a Spring Garden

     The weather is warming up and our recent rains have made trees and plants come into full bloom. This is a fantastic time to begin working in your backyard to create a garden. You don’t need a large amount of space to yield a high impact garden. Many urban dwellers are creating vertical gardens to grow herbs and vegetables. Own a small home/townhome? Think about creating a raised bed in your backyard space to grow the plants of your choice. Thinking about planting a flower garden? Pansies, Lilacs and Grape Hyacinth are fragrant and beautiful flowers to grow during this time of year. Thinking about planting a veggie garden? Check out the Growing Calendar infographic below from the Listotic blog ( ). It will give you a great place to start in building your garden.            For more garden ideas, visit our Backyards & Gardens page on our Pinterest account.

6 Tips to Increase Your Home's Value

    When the weather becomes increasingly warmer, many homeowners’ begin the process of updating their home and yards. It can be hard to decide where to start, especially when you are on a budget. Below are 6 tips to increase your home’s value no matter what your budget.   ·          Paint: It is amazing how a simple paint change can spruce up a home. On average, a gallon of paint can be around $20 - $30 and will cover a whole room. Remember to use a semi-gloss paint in Kitchens and Bathrooms, and a matte finish in bedrooms and living rooms. While neutral colors often appeal to a larger audience, consider painting one wall a darker/bolder color as an accent wall.     ·          Low Maintenance Landscaping: Considering that California has battled drought conditions the past 4 years. Planting low-maintenance and drought resistant landscaping can save you money on your water bills and on landscaping maintenance costs. It will also ensure that your yard will

Preparing Your Home for Spring

    At the change of each season, there are different tasks to be completed when owning a home. During spring, this often takes the form of cleaning and refreshing the exterior and interior of a home. If you’re new to home ownership, the following is a list of a few essential chores to be completed around the home.   ·          Clear your gutters : No matter what climate you live in, the winter season can bring inclement weather to your surrounding area. Making sure that gutters and downspouts are clear and free of debris will ensure that water won’t collect around your roof or foundation. This pooling of water could cause damage to either section of your home.  ·          Examine for damage done to your roof during the winter : Check that there are no shingles missing or damaged areas that could cause leaks or other problems throughout the year. ·          Have HVAC system inspected by professional : As the weather warms throughout the spring, you will wan

Maximizing Coupons and Grocery Sales? Make Your Storage Facility Near Lafayette an Extension of Your Pantry

Maximizing Coupons and Grocery Sales? Make Your Storage Facility Near Lafayette an Extension of Your Pantry Many grocery stores and warehouse chains offer special sales for consumers that purchase food items in bulk. While this is a great money-saving opportunity, where do you to store all of those items you have purchased during your stock up sale? Not everyone is lucky enough to have an oversized pantry or even a basement to create a food storage section. You don’t really need one! You can easily manage to keep your excess food items in a storage facility near Lafayette as an extension of your home or office food storage. Store Your Food Right – Avoid Spoilage There is no point in stocking up if the food you purchase on sale goes to waste. Therefore, you need to ensure your food storage is set up so you can rotate your stock properly; similar to that of a grocery store. Here are a few useful tips for storing your food in a rental unit: Check the Expiration Date – Prod

How to Use Your Storage Rental Unit Near Lafayette —Making the Most Out of Your Space

How to Use Your Storage Rental Unit Near Lafayette — Making the Most Out of Your Space Storage units are not just for your old or unused items; in fact, they have plenty of untapped potential when it comes to space management. Most people using storage rental units near Lafayette end up using them haphazardly by cramming unwanted items into an empty unit. This often leads to broken or lost items. If you really want to maximize the space you are paying for, you need to plan ahead before you even start to load up that first box. Tips for Better Space Management of Your Storage Unit Whether you are renting a small unit or you have opted for a bigger space, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of each cubic foot: Go Large to Small – Larger items are bulky, take up more space and require more planning. So, it only makes sense to load those into the unit first. Use these larger items as a base and start by loading them near the walls. Tables and other flat i