Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Planting a Spring Garden


   The weather is warming up and our recent rains have made trees and plants come into full bloom. This is a fantastic time to begin working in your backyard to create a garden. You don’t need a large amount of space to yield a high impact garden. Many urban dwellers are creating vertical gardens to grow herbs and vegetables. Own a small home/townhome? Think about creating a raised bed in your backyard space to grow the plants of your choice. Thinking about planting a flower garden? Pansies, Lilacs and Grape Hyacinth are fragrant and beautiful flowers to grow during this time of year. Thinking about planting a veggie garden? Check out the Growing Calendar infographic below from the Listotic blog (http://www.listotic.com/when-to-plant-your-vegetable-garden/). It will give you a great place to start in building your garden.





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Monday, March 21, 2016

6 Tips to Increase Your Home's Value


  When the weather becomes increasingly warmer, many homeowners’ begin the process of updating their home and yards. It can be hard to decide where to start, especially when you are on a budget. Below are 6 tips to increase your home’s value no matter what your budget.


·         Paint: It is amazing how a simple paint change can spruce up a home. On average, a gallon of paint can be around $20 - $30 and will cover a whole room. Remember to use a semi-gloss paint in Kitchens and Bathrooms, and a matte finish in bedrooms and living rooms. While neutral colors often appeal to a larger audience, consider painting one wall a darker/bolder color as an accent wall.



·         Low Maintenance Landscaping: Considering that California has battled drought conditions the past 4 years. Planting low-maintenance and drought resistant landscaping can save you money on your water bills and on landscaping maintenance costs. It will also ensure that your yard will remain beautiful looking despite the weather conditions. The more color you can add to your yard through your plants and shrubs, the more curb appeal you will add to the outside of your home. Think about purchasing plants that are native to your area and install a drip system that can water your yard on a timer. This will make it easier to “remember” to water the plants, keeping them in good condition plus save on your water bill.



·         Small Bathroom/Kitchen Updates: Bathrooms and Kitchens are usually the most important areas of a home to buyers. Because they can be large scale and expensive projects to manage, many people won’t purchase a home based on the outdated condition of these two rooms. If you can’t afford a full renovation, think about making small updates like replacing wall paper, changing light fixtures or faucets, or adding a new sink/vanity unit. These changes will go a long ways to increasing the look of these two rooms.



·         Keep up with your regular home maintenance and repairs: Keeping up on small repairs will save you money in the long run. If you leave a repair too long, it can often cause larger scale damage that will cost you significantly more to repair. It will also make it easier to sell your home if all home maintenance is up to date. Most buyers don’t want to buy a fixer upper.


·         Clean gutters, replace chimney flashing, calk around sinks and bathtubs, calk window casings and replace any trusses in the attic or other wood on the home that have acquired wood rot. Trim all bushes, trees and plants. Continually taking care of these repairs and visual maintenance issues really keep a home at its best and it’s dollar value high.


·         Think about Going Green: If you have the ability to invest in solar panels, you can save a large amount of money on your energy bills. In addition, if you add a solar water heater you can often cut your hot water bills in half. The initial installation is expensive, but the money up front will translate to saving more money down the road.




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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Preparing Your Home for Spring

    At the change of each season, there are different tasks to be completed when owning a home. During spring, this often takes the form of cleaning and refreshing the exterior and interior of a home. If you’re new to home ownership, the following is a list of a few essential chores to be completed around the home.


·         Clear your gutters: No matter what climate you live in, the winter season can bring inclement weather to your surrounding area. Making sure that gutters and downspouts are clear and free of debris will ensure that water won’t collect around your roof or foundation. This pooling of water could cause damage to either section of your home. 

·         Examine for damage done to your roof during the winter: Check that there are no shingles missing or damaged areas that could cause leaks or other problems throughout the year.

·         Have HVAC system inspected by professional: As the weather warms throughout the spring, you will want to make sure your HVAC unit is in good working order. Make sure that the coils are cleaned so that they can work more efficiently, all filters inside your home are changed and the duct pipes are cleaned.  While you’re at it, have them check the dryer vents and ducts and clean them if needed, to avoid lint and dust buildup.

·         Check your water heater for leaks or corrosion: Any leaks in your water heater can cause damage to your floor, sub-flooring and walls. This can also lead to serious health problems if mold develops in your home.

·         Prune/clean up yard in preparation for new spring growth: This includes removing dead trees, cleaning and preparing yard equipment like lawn mowers for use. Make sure any dead or damaged trees and plants are removed from your lawn and garden, and fertilize your healthy plants for optimal growth.



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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Maximizing Coupons and Grocery Sales? Make Your Storage Facility Near Lafayette an Extension of Your Pantry

Maximizing Coupons and Grocery Sales? Make Your Storage Facility Near Lafayette an Extension of Your Pantry

Many grocery stores and warehouse chains offer special sales for consumers that purchase food items in bulk. While this is a great money-saving opportunity, where do you to store all of those items you have purchased during your stock up sale? Not everyone is lucky enough to have an oversized pantry or even a basement to create a food storage section. You don’t really need one! You can easily manage to keep your excess food items in a storage facility near Lafayette as an extension of your home or office food storage.

Store Your Food Right – Avoid Spoilage
There is no point in stocking up if the food you purchase on sale goes to waste. Therefore, you need to ensure your food storage is set up so you can rotate your stock properly; similar to that of a grocery store. Here are a few useful tips for storing your food in a rental unit:
  • Check the Expiration Date – Products without preservatives will not have as long a shelf life as those that do. Therefore, these items should be stored toward the front and easier to access so that they are consumed first. Perishable items typically include condiments, organic fruits and vegetables, etc. Canned foods with preservatives will typically last a year or more so they can be stored toward the back. Look at the expiration date and then write it largely on the front using a bold marker. That way it is easier to see the date. If you can, use rotating shelves designed for canned foods so that the items in the back are automatically pushed forward each time you remove an item.
  • Dehydrate – If you want to create a good stockpile, you can purchase a dehydrator machine. Then, buy fruits and vegetables on sale and dehydrate them at home. Dehydrating stops the spoilage process, but keeps enzymes intact, so you are still receiving the nutrients. Then, vacuum seal those dehydrated food items and put them where they are easily accessible. They will last well, away from moisture and light in the storage unit.
  • Change the Packaging – Purchase food in sealed canisters or buy long-term food storage canisters with the rubber ring and sealed lid. You can then install oxygen absorbers so that you can store bulk items like rice, barley, beans and quinoa for months. Oxygen absorbers can be purchased at your storage facility and changed out when used up.
  • Keep Everything Cool – Inspect the storage unit before you rent it for food storage purposes. Consider factors such as moisture levels and temperature. As long as the storage area is dark, cool and moisture-free, sealed foods can be stored for a year or more. Keep in mind, however, that the USDA recommends never storing food for more than a year.
You can create an extension of your pantry and happily stock up at your next bulk sale at the grocery store. By renting a unit in a storage facility near Lafayette, you can save money, stock up on food items and maximize your extended pantry

Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 925-643-2024 to discuss your options for a storage unit.  You can also reserve your unit online for the next grocery stock-up sale. If you are not sure how much space you will need for your household items, use our online “Space Calculator”. 

How to Use Your Storage Rental Unit Near Lafayette —Making the Most Out of Your Space

How to Use Your Storage Rental Unit Near Lafayette

Making the Most Out of Your Space

Storage units are not just for your old or unused items; in fact, they have plenty of untapped potential when it comes to space management. Most people using storage rental units near Lafayette end up using them haphazardly by cramming unwanted items into an empty unit. This often leads to broken or lost items. If you really want to maximize the space you are paying for, you need to plan ahead before you even start to load up that first box.

Tips for Better Space Management of Your Storage Unit
Whether you are renting a small unit or you have opted for a bigger space, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of each cubic foot:
  • Go Large to Small – Larger items are bulky, take up more space and require more planning. So, it only makes sense to load those into the unit first. Use these larger items as a base and start by loading them near the walls. Tables and other flat items can be stored upside down so that boxes can be stored on top of them too. If you are storing mattresses, place them on their side near walls and store your sofas vertically rather than horizontally.
  • Maximize Every Inch – The goal is to fill every gap and that means looking for potential storage spaces even when it does not seem as though there are any. For example, fill dresser drawers with items you need to store rather than leaving them empty. Drawers are especially good to store fragile, wrapped items. Bundle up tools and office supplies and then store in baskets. Fill luggage with storage items and pack bookshelves with photo albums, games and books.
  • Fragile Items – Breakable objects need extra protection. Make sure each item is bubble-wrapped and properly cushioned before placing in a box.  Whenever possible, use the dish wrappers and customized sectioned cartons to protect fragile items.  Place all boxes containing fragile items in a safe position; never place other heavy cartons or objects on top of them.
  • Make It Convenient – While you want to maximize the space, you still need the space to be efficient when you remove items. Try to keep items from the same room or within the same category together – such as kitchen stuff in one corner and collectibles in another. Also, do not forget to create small pathways between storage sections so that you can easily access items.
  • Make a list of everything you are storing – This insures that you know what is in the unit. Always remember to list what is inside a box, on its outside.  These steps will save time later when you need to find something that you’ve stored.

Whether you need a long-term storage solution or you are just clearing out some space, utilizing the rental storage unit fully will help you save time and money. After all, when you use the space efficiently, you will not need or pay for a bigger unit.

Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 925-643-2024 to discuss your options for a storage rental unit near Lafayette.  You can also reserve your unit online now through our site. If you are not sure how much space you will need for your household items, use our online “Space Calculator”.