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Holiday Events

It's time for our annual holiday events. Here is what we have going on. Moraga December 11 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.: Free Photos with Santa December 4 - 24: Santa's Secret Wrapping Room Lahaina December 11 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.: 3rd Annual Tree Lighting December 4 - 24: Santa's Secret Wrapping Room Foster City December 18 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.: Free Photos with Santa December 4 - 24: Santa's Secret Wrapping Room For more information on any of these events, visit our website

Santa's Secret Wrapping Room

5A is ready to start our Annual Holiday Traditions and one of them is Santa's Secret Wrapping Room. This a place where you can go and wrap your gifts away from the people to whom you are giving these gifts. These wrapping rooms have all the materials you need! Every 5A has a wrapping room and they open this Saturday, December 4th. It will be available all the way until December 24.You can access this great feature during the listed Office Hours of your local 5A. For more information: Moraga - (925) 631-7000 or Foster City - (650) 341-2964 or Lahaina - (808) 669-5200 or Happy Holidays!

Foster City Holiday Events

5A’s 3rd annual Holiday Celebration will start early this year, with “Santa’s Secret Wrapping Room”, free and open to the public December 4th through Dec. 24th. This decorated storage unit is set up with table, chairs, large rolls of wrapping paper, tape, ribbon – everything needed to get presents wrapped. This is especially handy if you’re trying to wrap presents away from the recipient of a surprise! 5A’s Foster City Managers, Marisa Boldt and Roxie Porter want the entire community to know the holiday celebration is open to everyone. The main events will happen Saturday, December 18th from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. when they and their staff host their 3rd Annual “photos with Santa”, with holiday photo frame and Santa for the children, hot cocoa and cookies and ornament making - - all free and everyone’s invited! In addition Foster City’s 5A site will host its regular E-waste collection event both Saturday, Dec. 18th, and Sunday Dec. 19th, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm both days. This is al


Most homes have enough room in them to live spaciously and comfortably, but it’s the amount of clutter we accumulate that makes it frustrating to live there. With the raising cost of land, building a house has never been so expensive, so the hallmark of today’s residential developer is downsizing. They’re downsizing land parcels, rooms, and there’s a lack of closet space. Homes used to be large, had attacks and basements, so storage of extra possessions wasn’t a problem. Utilizing space more efficiently can be a challenge. Having an off-site storage unit can help you save all your important things , and even the “clutter” that a family accumulates. It is basically a room at a storage facility comprised of cubic feet. There you can keep and visit your stored possessions, taking out what you need when you need it, and putting it back for safekeeping when your are done. -Jenny Boyd Tweet

We're Green!

AAAAA Rent-A-Space in California is a Electronic Waste Recycling Drop Spot!! Drop off your old monitors, computers, printers, and other old electronics on the First Saturday of every months in Moraga or the last Saturday of every month in Foster City! Tweet

A Unique, Silent Business Partner

There are hundreds of reasons why companies and business people have “silent” business partners: For brain power, support or financial assistance, but here is one you may not have thought of; a storage unit at your nearest AAAAA Rent-A-Space. A typical “self” storage, or mini, has a variety of uses, and a wide range of sizes - from a closet size, to something with the capacity of a triple wide garage. Most have 8’ to 10’ ceilings; so think in terms of cubic feet when you calculate how much storage space you’ll need. The benefits of using a storage unit for business begin to unfold when you ponder how you can make your business work space more efficient for your work force. Most businesses are now more cost conscious, and utilizing people and space wisely is a key issue in overhead savings. If you need to hire another sales person, technician, researcher or secretary, but don’t have the room for them, review the space you do have and note any extra, unused business equipment. T

Foster City Chamber Mixer

AAAAA Rent-A-Space Foster City was honored to host a Chamber of Commerce Mixer on July 22. Among all the mingling between the members, 5A was able to give away a picnic basket full of all the need gear for a great picnic! Take a look at some of the pictures on our Facebook Page!! Tweet

Your Local 5A Always has something going on!!

Lahaina 5A Lahaina will be collection food donations through the end of July. Feel free to bring in your donations! Visit  for more information on what to donate Foster City  &  Moraga Our two sites in California are collecting any Electronic Waste and will be recycling them, for FREE!! Moraga will collect on the first Saturday of every month and Foster City will collect any E-Waste from July 24-29 and August 25-30!  Tweet

Library benefit draws more than 200 supporters

  KAANAPALI — The Lahaina community, in its usual way, stepped up big time last week Thursday, when more than 200 guests attended a spectacular fund-raiser for Lahaina Public Library at the Royal Lahaina Resort. “This was one of the better events of its kind I have been to in Lahaina,” said Rotarian Dr. George “Doc” Lavenson. The highlight of the fund-raiser, organized by the Rotary Club of Lahaina, was a last minute appearance by musicians from California’s Citrus College. The group has played free concerts for two weeks each summer at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa for the last ten years.   The band was recruited by Dr. Norman Estin just days before the event. Late staying guests danced to lively music after sipping wine provided by Better Brands, enjoying pupus by Royal Lahaina chefs and bidding on art, hotel stays and restaurant certificates donated by artists and the visitor industry.   Lahaina Rotary Community Service Chair Liz May designed and provided post

Storage Can Help Your Car Retain Its Value!

Surveys across the nation show that a lot of people don't park their car in their garage, mainly because their garage has become the "catch-all" for sports equipment, discarded furniture, appliances or anything else they're saving, but don't have room for in their house. Some homeowners are "Mr. (or Ms.) Fixit" and the garage is full of tools, table saws and odds and ends of building materials. Storing in your garage seems ok, until you find out that you could increase the trade-in value of your car by up to 10% if it were adequately protected from the elements during the time you own it. Auto dealers know which cars have been well cared for when they inspect them as trade-ins. The paint and rubber haven't deteriorated and the upholstery and dash haven't faded. There's also the psychological factor that if you take visible care of the car, you also make sure you get the oil changed regularly, and do all the routine maintenance. These li

Moraga E-Waste Event!!


Foster City Art and Wine Festival

The Foster City Art & Wine Festival was a huge success this year. Everyone was very excited about the San Francisco Giants tailgate giveaway. Our lucky winner was Celeste Mullen. It was wonderful to see such a large community turnout. This is a great family community event. The weather was beautiful all weekend. We so enjoyed all the people that stopped by with their dogs so their dogs could enjoy a bone. Enjoy these pictures! Click Here to see more pictures, and while you're on our Facebook, become a fan!

2010 Moraga Community Faire

Our 5A sponsored car show was a success!! It was great to see all these amazing cars and everyone had loads of fun! Enjoy these pictures! More pictures can be seen on our Facebook Page (click here)