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How to Load a Moving Van Like the Pros -Take Advantage of a Free Moving Van Near Lafayette

When you envision packing up for your next move, does the idyllic, Hollywood movie scene pop into your mind? The one where we easily fill perfectly shaped boxes, label them clearly, and not break a sweat while stacking them neatly into a moving truck. All the while, our children are eager to help. They bring out their belongings and never get in the way. The reality is we will probably trip over our screaming five-year-old throwing a temper tantrum because her favorite teddy bear was packed up. Also, gone is stacking the van up correctly . Instead, not only do we break a sweat, we run the risk of breaking mirrors, TVs, or other fragile items when pre-planning is incomplete or absent. Do you want to be responsible for your wife’s great-aunt’s tea set being shattered? With all the stress and challenges of moving already weighing you down, understanding the best way to load a moving van can help you write a happier ending to your relocation adventure. For additional stress relie

Moving This Fall? -Book a Self-Storage Unit Near Lafayette and Follow These Expert Tips

For most people, a favorite time to move is in the spring and summer. The weather is good, and the kids are out of school, making it a much easier feat, especially if you are moving across the country. One of the downsides to relocating in the warmer months is that everyone else has the same idea. For those who wait until fall, it is simpler to schedule a professional mover, the scenery is beautiful as the foliage changes, and the temperatures are cooler. One thing both seasons have in common is that careful planning will make the transition much smoother than throwing caution to the wind. As you gear up for your move, make a solid game plan that includes renting a self-storage unit near Lafayette for those infrequently used items. Then get ready to put your action steps into motion with the right packing supplies, boxes in assorted sizes and plenty of quality tape. When you rent from us, we will even move you to your unit with our free fan. Make Your Fall Move Easier With a