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Back to School in the Year of COVID-19 – Everything is Different

  Back to School in the Year of COVID-19 – Everything is Different  Back to school shopping time is here, but this year, many things are different. Schools across the country are shifting gears to have students learn from home via the Internet instead of showing up in person. Parents have been figuring out new ways to adjust their schedules, with working from home and having their children at home. Not only do they have to squeeze in time but also space. Make room for your kids to learn from home this year. Prepare your home by making it a clear, uncluttered space. A 5A Rent-A-Space self-storage unit near San Mateo is the perfect place for storing those extra items that are hampering your children’s learning environment. Free up your home and get ready for learning. 6 Suggestions to Make a Better Home School  Make this school year a great one! Avoid the stress and inconvenience for adults and children alike. Take these simple steps to plan for a better learning environment in your ho

Give Your Old Stored Furniture New Life

Give Your Old Stored Furniture New Life Most often, we buy furniture with a certain purpose. For instance, years ago you needed a sofa sleeper for out-of-town visits from your family. Other times, you may have purchased chairs, tables, end tables, and couches to furnish your new home. Moving from one apartment or home to another, reveals what we can use and what may need to be stored or sold. When you have a favorite chair in storage, but you don’t like the 1950s hot pink and black latex paint, you hesitate to put it in your current home. While that is understandable, why not do something about it, so you can get the enjoyment you deserve from it?  Refashion and renew your old stored furniture with simple ideas that are easy on the budget. Your self-storage unit from 5A Rent-A-Space in Foster City, is the best place to house infrequently used and seasonal items. It’s also the perfect solution for housing that thrift store find until you have a moment to work some makeover magic. Not on

Strategic Storage Ideas for Small Apartments and Homes

  Strategic Storage Ideas for Small Apartments and Homes Television shows about building tiny homes are fun to watch but are they practical to live in? The reality may be much different than what is presented for viewers. You understand this if you’ve ever lived in a small home or apartment where space is at a premium. What can you do to make the most of your space without feeling cramped? Utilize your creativity by finding new solutions for your storage needs. For those items that you cannot tuck away, rent a drive-up storage unit from 5A Rent-A-Space near Maui. We have many units and a size that’s right for you to place your occasionally used belongings into and leaving your home clutter-free. 9 Tricks and Hacks to Store More in Less Space  Don’t let the lack of storage in your small home discourage you. Instead, check out these tips to make the most of your available space: Think Outside the Closet. Smaller homes and apartments often lack adequate closet space. If you do not have

How to set up a work-from-home office for a Student or Professional

With September fast approaching, and many students starting school online rather than in person, now is the time to optimize the available space that you have for a work-from-home office. Kids from as early as elementary school all the way through college are going to have to receive their education via Zoom and other similar softwares. While the heads of the household may be used to the work-from-home environment by now, it will be a new challenge to share the space with their kids. How to make your work-from-home space friendly for multiple family members Making room for two or more to work-from-home can be quite the undertaking. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your space to make it as conducive as possible to working and/or learning. Set Aside A Few Different Areas to Work In: As fun as it sounds to have your whole family working side by side, it isn’t ideal to be in too close of proximity all of the time. An important meeting for a parent may disrupt an online class for a