Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Make Holiday Stress Easier To Handle!



                by J. Boyd, Sr. V. P. Marketing & Operations, AAAAA Rent-A-Space

The Holiday Season is one of the busiest times of the year. Frequently our friends, neighbors and ourselves say we just don't know how we’re going to get everything done before Christmas.  For families with children where both parents work, their free time is already at a premium.

Some preplanning and organization helps enormously, and storage can clear the deck for action, all easing the stress.  Start by using a planning calendar where everyone can see and write on it. 

Get family members together in a brief meeting to list all events on the same calendar.  This helps eliminate double booking dates
If relatives are coming, plan two weekends in advance to clean out and organize closets and spare rooms. Take the extra furniture, boxes, clothes and sports equipment to a self-storage unit.

If you're planning a party, clean the house one weekend ahead and prepare any food you can, freezing or refrigerating it until your event.  If you’re having music and considering dancing, you can temporarily store the dining or family room furniture and clear a larger space for fun!

If you plan to do a really festive job of decorating, you can even store extra easy chairs and footstools, end tables, things that might be in the way if you want to make room for a big, beautiful tree.

Of course “Santa's Secret” is that a self-service storage unit is the perfect place to hide special Christmas gifts away from curious eyes of children (of all ages - even the grown up ones) until the “Big Day”!  In short, storage can help ease your stress during the holidays, and continue being useful throughout the year. It really is your “invisible holiday assistant”!

Look for your useful holiday unit on line at, or give 5A a call at (800) 527-7223

    Happy Holidays to you and your family - from all of us at 5A! 

Holiday Season at 5A

It’s the Holiday Season ~ being good to our fellow man & woman
Is part of the spirit of Christmas


December 2011, one 5A Rent-A-Space 
manager was inquiring of a local senior citizen who came into his office, how he was doing in his readiness for the holidays. 

The gentleman said he wasn't ready because all their decorations were in the attic at his home, and he was dreading the chore of going up there to retrieve them. He really wished he had somewhere else to store them.

5A’s manager suggested storing the decorations in a small, ground floor storage unit, thus enabling him to get at them easily every year.

The fellow agreed, that would be an excellent solution, but said his aches and pains made it nearly impossible for him to get up into the attic, let alone cart all those boxes down to the main floor in his home then load them in his car and get them to storage.

So believe it or not – 5A’s manager said he’d come over to the gentleman’s home on his day off, go up into his attic, cart down all the holiday decoration boxes, then take them to the 5A Rent-A-Space storage facility in 5A’s moving van, and put them into a storage unit for him.

The fellow couldn't pass up a deal like that, so he rented a unit and the holiday decorations now have a new storage place! 

Footnote:  Now is a good time to rent a unit just the right size for your decorations.  When the New Year comes and the tree comes down, you've got the perfect place to store all those beautiful decorations and keep them safe and ready for the 2014 Holiday Season!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



We've been gathering some of the best ideas for organizing and shared one page of them here for your use.  Included are some very handy tips for around the home and office.  You’re welcome to have a complete set of 5 pages, just call or come into any 5A office and ask for them. We can also e-mail a set as printable PDF’s.

We've found the set to be some of the best organizational ideas for home, garage, yard, kid’s room or office.  Some are unique, fun, and all are extremely cost effective.  So take a look, and if you have any great organizational ideas you've discovered or invented we’d love to share them with our readers, with your permission.

Our best regards for a great week ahead,
Jenny Boyd and the 5A Team

Friday, January 11, 2013

5A Rent-A-Space Lahaina Electric Car Charging Station


5A Rent-A-Space has installed a Level 2 electric car charging station.  It’s up and in the testing stages right now and will be ready for public use within 2 to 3 weeks.

5A’s new Solar Panels were completed just weeks ago and  are  producing  enough  energy  for  their  storage facility  and  retail  center  next  door.  5A  will  sell remaining power to MECO for 220 average homes in the West Maui area.

5A Rent-A-Space has installed a solar system with a 600 kilowatt photovoltaic system that will feed 2,880 kilowatt-hours into Maui’s electric grid each day, prevent 1.7 million pounds of CO2 from being released in the atmosphere of Maui, be the equivalent of planting 29,350 trees and taking 243 autos permanently off the Island’s roads.  The result is a potential annual savings in electrical costs exceeding $284,000.  Governor Neil Abercrombie states, “Hawaii’s goals are ambitious; we are striving to be 70% energy independent by 2030.” Presently Hawaii is ahead of their projected goals.

MECO; “Maui Electric is pleased to partner with AAAAA Rent-A-Space in embracing renewable energy and bringing our state closer to realizing our clean energy goals,” said Maui Electric Company’s president Ed Reinhardt. “We recognize that weaning our state from imported oil will require a diverse portfolio of clean energy sources and this project is yet another step in the right direction for Maui.”

5A Rent-A-Space’s co-owner Michael Knuppe says  “Our family has done business in the Maui community for almost three decades.  We feel we have an obligation to be good stewards of the island and take the role of being positive, progressive members of the community very seriously. This project provides clean, quantifiable benefits to our center’s merchants, our community and Hawaii as a whole.”

1938 American made solar panels were installed on the 5A facility’s rooftops. Their capacity will feed 2880 kilowatt-hours into Maui’s electrical grid each day.

5A believes in “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”, and are environment - tally conscious. They are adding solar power and electric car charging stations because they want to take care of the Aina