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Tools to Make Social Media Management Easier

It has become increasingly important for each business to have a strong social media strategy and presence online. Once you have decided on a strategy, it becomes imperative to have an arsenal of tools to assist you in managing your online presence. Below are a few tools that can make this process a little easier. Hootsuite and SproutSocial are programs that help you manage and schedule posts across multiple platforms. They very in price (SproutSocial being the higher priced option) depending on the level of features needed for your company’s respective plans. Basic includes number of platforms you can manage, with basic to real time analytics reports, as well as message receiving and scheduling. Make sure to take your time researching each company to choose the best plan and resource for your business’s needs    Canva, Photoshop and Creative Market are all resources for the creation of the Visual content you want to post online. Photoshop usually requires

5 Social Media Strategies for Small Business

     For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, creating a Social Media Strategy on a limited budget  and with limited time can be daunting. Here are a few free tips to get you started down your path to increasing your digital footprint. ·          Clarify your business objectives or goals for social media use: When you have clear, concise, and manageable goals, it keeps you from spending your time on tasks that won’t help you achieve your desired objective via social media. ·          Know your target audience : Ask yourself who are the people you are trying to reach via social media? Take the time to learn as much as you can about this demographic. What forms of social media do they use most? What topics are the most important and relevant to their lives? Which products would be most helpful to them? When you are armed with these pieces of knowledge, you will be better able to service your customer as well as show your audience you have a service/prod