Monday, October 27, 2014

Storage Units in San Mateo —A Smarter Alternative to Your Garage, Attic, or Basement

Storage Units in San Mateo—A Smarter Alternative to Your Garage, Attic, or Basement

If you are like most people, you have plenty of stuff that you could store in your garage, your attic, or your basement. Here is the problem with that option: you can’t always guarantee that the things you store there will be safe or in good condition when you go to retrieve them. Even worse, you will forget they are there and replace them, thus spending more money and adding to your clutter.

A storage unit in the San Mateo, Foster City area is a smart alternative but most people don’t think of it. Here are some reasons you should consider renting one to put away your belongings safely and yet, access them when you need them.

1. Musty Odors Get into Your Stuff
You may not have realized that your things can get a musty odor when you store your boxes of stuff in the attic or basement. However, when you go to retrieve them, you may notice that a musty odor has now infiltrated your things.  Basements and attics are notorious for mildew that can go undetected for years while your precious belongings are slowly deteriorating.

At 5A’s  self storage facility in the San Mateo Foster City area, your things can be stored safely in a storage unit. The typical garage, basement or attic simply doesn’t provide the same security and protection for your items.

2. Don’t You Want to Park Your Car in the Garage?

Here’s a fact to remind yourself about: the garage is where you park your car, not store everything you can’t make room for inside the house! If you have so much extra stuff that you are tempted to take over the garage, pushing your car out onto the driveway or street, you have to ask yourself if this is the best use of your garage. After all, you depend on your car to get you to work, to school, and everywhere you go, so why not protect it from the elements and give it more longevity? A storage unit is definitely a smarter choice over using your garage for storage.

3. Storage Units are Easier to Navigate

Aside from the musty smell and unstable temperatures typical to attics, basements, and garages, rifling through your stuff to find the right box can be frustrating and time consuming. Things often get broken in the process of looking for what you need. Storing your labeled boxes in organized sections of the storage unit means you can easily find the Christmas decorations without confusing them with your Grandma’s dainty chinaware.

Over a long period of time, investing in a storage unit is both cost and time efficient compared to storing your items in the garage, attic, or basement.

Call 5A Rent-A-Space at (650) 341-2964 if you have any questions about storage units. You will speak with one of our self-storage experts in the San Mateo - Foster City area. You can also get more information on our FAQ page. Be sure to try out the “Space Calculator” to assist you in getting the right size storage unit. Don’t forget, you can even rent online.

Why Finding a Self-Storage Facility in West Maui Makes Sense …Before the Holidays!

Why Finding a Self-Storage Facility in West Maui Makes SenseBefore the Holidays!

The holidays are a time for family, festivities, and fun traditions. The holidays are also a time for gifts. No matter how big or small your West Maui home is, finding a self-storage facility before the holidays is a smart idea. Not only can you put away some things that you don’t need during the holidays in the storage unit – creating more room for family and friends – you also know that at the end of the holidays, you can store the decorations and trimmings in your storage unit so they are safely out of the way until you want them again next year.

What should you store in your West Maui self-storage facility unit?

Some of the most common items you can safely place in self-storage units are:
  • Seasonal items such as clothing, furniture, equipment and other things you don’t need year round. You probably need your patio furniture all year long in West Maui but you only need that tall Christmas tree or multiple inflatable mattresses once a year.
  •  Appliances and furniture you want to keep but won’t be using anytime soon.
  • Clothing and equipment that isn’t needed immediately. If you have some heavy winter wear that you only pull out to visit your family in Denver, for example, why keep that in your house? Tuck those skis, ski boots, pants and jackets away until you need them.
  • College dorm room items including furniture, supplies, and clothing can be placed in your storage unit until the student in your home needs them again.
  • Items for future generations including baby furniture and clothes, toys, bicycles you are saving for when your kids have kids.

With a unit in a self-storage facility, the items you want to keep safe are less likely to be damaged. In a climate-controlled unit, they will stay clean and dry. Best of all, you can be practical and efficient, renting only the space you need for the months you need it – for example, during the holiday season when your college-going child is home.

Find your self-storage facility before the holidays and you will have checked an important item off your list for the year. When the holidays are over, you can pack your decorations into your storage unit and know that they will be safe until next year.

You can also get more information about our self-storage facility on our FAQ page and reserve your unit online. Call 5A Rent-A-Space at (808) 669-5200 with your questions and talk to one of our self-storage experts today.