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Manager At 5A Rent-A-Space Goes Far Beyond Expected Customer Service!

This December one of 5A Rent-A-Spaces Managers was enquiring of a local senior citizen who came in his office, how he was doing in his readiness for the holidays. The gentleman said he wasn’t ready as because all their decorations were in the attic at his home, and he was dreading the chore of going up there to retrieve them. He really wished he had somewhere else to store them. 5A’s Manager suggested storing the decorations in a small, ground floor storage unit, thus enabling him to get at them easily every year. The fellow agreed, that would be an excellent solution, but said his aches and pains made it nearly impossible for him to get up into the attic, let alone cart all those boxes down to the main floor in his home then load them in his car and get them to storage. So believe it or not – 5A’s Manager said he’d come over to the gentleman’s home, on his day off, go up into his attic, cart down all the holiday decoration boxes, then take them to the 5A Rent-A-Space


LIVING IN THE “ZEN” STYLE The hallmark of today’s home is a nearly “Zen” approach, with all the clutter removed. People are taking note of the styles in home décor magazines, and taking advantage of  the variety of nice home furnishings and accessories available in local department and  specialty stores, even at regional furniture consignment stores!  All with an eye to the “clean swept” look of the minimalist. There are great benefits in living in this trend.  You have less to clean, and less to gather dust!  Also for those whose allergies are a bane, dust-free is misery-free.  There is even the “…nothing on the closet floors” viewpoint, where every shoe has its place in a rack or container.  The additional benefit of all this organization is that you’ll always know where everything is because everything has its place! How do you live like this?  It takes “stuff” to get along in he world; saved stuff, sports stuff, travel stuff, patio and BBQ stuff, big stuff like bo

5A Rent-A-Space $100 Storage Challenge

Take The 5A Rent-A-Space $100 Storage Challenge ~You May Be The Winner ! 1.) Only 5A has the “$100 CHALLENGE”. (1) 2.) 5A has 3 convenient ways to pay; on-line 24/7, at our ATM kiosk or with a swipe of your credit card at the gate 3.) 5A has 3 convenient locations in the East Bay, Peninsula and on Maui, Hawaii 4.) Receive a Free Gift card just for taking a tour of our facilities. 5.) Receive a $20 credit to your account with our customer referral awards program. 6.) Free on-line ordering of packing boxes & moving supplies (2) 7.) Free on-line packing & moving instructional booklet with tips. 8.) Free on-line space estimator helps you know how much space you need. 9.) Insurance policies available for your stored goods 10.) We have a “Seven Point Customer Service Guarantee” 11.) Convenient Internet e-mail reservation & renting system 12.) Over 30 different sizes at each 5A location, one for every budget. Pack well, use all your cubic feet and pay only for the space you need

Senator 'Roz' Baker to join AAAAA Rent-A-Space for Blessing of Maui County’s Largest Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Event to commemorate operations of 600-kilowatt system and ‘Level 2’ electric vehicle charging station WHAT: AAAAA Rent-A-Space will host a blessing and dedication ceremony at its facility in Honokowai, Maui, to celebrate the beginning of operations for its 600-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation system. Senator Rosalyn H. 'Roz' Baker will join other officials and members of the community at the project site. AAAAA Rent-A-Space and Haleakala Solar officials will be on hand to discuss the economic and environmental benefits of Maui County’s largest commercial photovoltaic power generation system, which has the capacity to generate enough clean, solar energy to power about 220 Maui homes. The event will also showcase a “Level 2” electric vehicle charging station, affording the public one of the fastest vehicle charges available. WHO: Speakers will include: · Reverend Laki Pomaikai Ka'ahumanu ·

Storage Tip Of The Day!

STORAGE FOR CONTRACTORS When you plan on remodeling any part of a client’s home, consider recommending storage to them as a safety measure before you and your work crew come on board. If they live off island or are traveling, you can do them the service of packing up all their fragile items, roll up area rugs, box up books, nick-knacks and lamps, especially wood or upholstered furniture, then protect it all in a storage unit. Once you’ve got the area cleared out, you and your crew can then safely begin the work. Your clients can be secure in the knowledge that their items will be protected from damage and the usual dirt and sawdust that take place with any contracting job. Of course it's all progress and if it that’s what it takes to make their dream home come true, it's going to be worth it, and you can bill the cost of the unit with the job – what a convenience for you and your client! When the job is complete and the clean up is done, you can bring their furniture and

Going GREEN!

Here at 5A, we strive to do our part in saving the planet. We also, want to help you, as much as we can, to reduce the amount of waste that sits in our nation's landfills. In California, 5A offers 100% FREE E-Waste Recycling once a month. Stop by and drop off any old electronic, computers, and more! Moraga hosts theirs the first Saturday of the month, and Foster City does theirs on the last Saturday of the month. We are also pleased to offer a brand new promotional item for all our sites. We've recently began giving out reusable tote bags! These convenient and environmentally friendly bags provides our customers a green alternative to those plastic bags at grocery stores. At 5A, we are excited to announce our biggest contribution to helping preserve our planet. At our Lahaina, HI location, we have just begun construction on solar panels and an electric car charging station! When completed, the 5A charging station would be the 3rd electric car charging station on Maui ,

CPR Training at 5A Rent-A-Space with FREE Gift!

If a cardiac arrest happened to your loved one or a close friend, would you know how to perform life-saving CPR, which can double a victim’s chance of survival? Surprisingly, the vast majority of citizens don’t. With bystander CPR, use of an automated electronic defibrillator if available, and a rapid EMS response from your 9-1-1 call, our community can increase survival from sudden cardiac arrest. The first link in the chain of survival is the most critical – immediate CPR after a 9-1-1 call, while EMS is responding. Family and Friends CPR Anytime is a self-directed, personal CPR kit that makes learning the core skills of CPR easy, convenient, affordable and fun for the whole family. It takes just 22 minutes to learn and can be done anywhere. (This kit does not provide certification in CPR.) 5A’s Moraga Managers, Brad and Gloria Noggle invite the entire community to learn the basics of life saving CPR in 2 free classes March 26th at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM , to be held in