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Planning Your Move Into a New Home? Reserve a Self-Storage Facility near San Mateo

Planning Your Move Into a New Home? Reserve a Self-Storage Facility near San Mateo You are taking advantage of the lower interest rates and great deals on California homes, but before you can officially move into the new house, you need to sell your existing home. While you could opt for a longer escrow period, more buyers want short escrows - 30 days or less. This leaves you little time to purchase a new home and complete the sale of your existing one. The best solution for these situations is to reserve a unit at a self-storage facility near San Mateo. Tips for Renting a Storage Unit Whether you are storing your stuff while waiting for the new house to close, staging your existing home for a quicker sale, or you have a few improvements to make before officially moving into your new home, you want to ensure you get maximum space, safety and of course, a storage solution that is friendly on the budget. Some ways to make finding the perfect self-storage facility near San Mateo e

Store Files, Records and Documents - Rent a Self-Storage Unit near West Maui

Store Files, Records and Documents - Rent a Self-Storage Unit near West Maui Record storage is a valuable asset when it comes to protecting and preserving your documents and personal information; but only if you take the right steps beforehand. When you are planning to archive private or business files, records and documents in a record storage facility, you need to prepare those documents first. How to Store Documents Safely Record storage units near West Maui are perfect for storing your private documents and records. This keeps these documents out of your home or office, away from the risk of flood or fire, and offers you the opportunity to increase your available living space in your home or working space at your business. Some steps you must take before storing your documents include: Examine the Security at the Record Storage Facility - You want a storage facility that has been properly gated and features security cameras. The office should be open throughout the week (or

How to Choose a Contractor for Your Home Remodel

How to Choose a Contractor for Your Home Remodel Making home improvements involve some difficult decisions; what renovations will bring the most value to your home? What color palate do I use in the bedrooms vs the kitchen? Do I use real hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring? Many feel that making the right decision when hiring a contractor is the most important decision. Here are a few tips to help you confidently decide which contractor to hire to complete your home renovation. Always ask for a referral. Word of mouth from people you trust will always give you a few solid leads for finding qualified professionals. You can also check the website for the National Association of Remodeling Industry for a list of contractors in your area. Check contractor’s credentials. Many contractors have websites that list their different licenses and credentials. If they don’t, call them to retrieve those credentials and check them against several state and local municipalities as well a

Top 5 Favorite Blogs

Top 5 Favorite Blogs When looking for information on a specific topic, our current technology allows us to access a variety of resources online. Most of these resources are free and allow us easy and quick access to the information we need. I’ve put together a list of my top 5 current favorite bloggers. Each has their own voice and focus, but provide a wealth of knowledge for the at home consumer. Hither & Thither is a fantastic blog written by Ashley Muir Bruhn who lives in Northern California. She has great tips on traveling and home design projects. Each post is beautifully photographed and clearly conveys her brand and style. Social Media Examiner is a wealth of knowledge when looking into social media tools to use for your business. Whether you own a small business or work in Social Media Management for a large company, this website has useful references, podcasts and webinars for everyone. Apartmen

Suggested Top Wine Buys

Suggested Top Wine Buys As the summer is winding down, many people are looking to squeeze in a last minute party or potluck to celebrate the end of summer. What do you do when the host/hostess asks you to bring the wine? Instead of staring aimlessly at the shelves of wines at your local grocery store or BevMO, check out these Top 5 lists below. They can make for great standouts to impress your guests or host. Top 5 Budget Wine List:  Starborough Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is a go to budget friendly white wine. It’s crisp, zingy and a refreshing selection during the warm summer months. And at $8.99 on sale at Safeway, you can afford to buy a second bottle to keep for yourself at home. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is another fantastic budget friendly white wine. Similar tasting notes as Starborough, but with more of a stone fruit taste, it is a wonderful option to share with others. Typically you can find it on sale at Safeway for $12.99 a bottle. Allegrini Palazzo Del

5 Reasons To Use Self-Storage

5 Reasons To Use Self-Storage Downsizing : People downsize for many reasons (retirement, divorce, empty nesting, etc.). That being said, it can be difficult to fit all of your personal items into your place when you have smaller square footage. A great solution is to look for a nearby self storage facility like 5A Rent-A-Space, to store those items for you. They will be able to guide you on the correct sized unit for those items you aren’t ready to part with. Business Storage : Rent for a physical shop location is often high causing many businesses to use small store front spaces to service their customers. Because of this, businesses are using self storage units for surplus products and inventory that aren’t needed at present. As products in store are used or sold, they can make a trip to their storage unit to replenish what they need. Seasonal Storage : In need of a place to store off-season hobby or sports equipment and holiday decorations? A self storage unit can be a gre