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Storage Units in San Mateo —A Smarter Alternative to Your Garage, Attic, or Basement

Storage Units in San Mateo —A Smarter Alternative to Your Garage, Attic, or Basement If you are like most people, you have plenty of stuff that you could store in your garage, your attic, or your basement. Here is the problem with that option: you can’t always guarantee that the things you store there will be safe or in good condition when you go to retrieve them. Even worse, you will forget they are there and replace them, thus spending more money and adding to your clutter. A storage unit in the San Mateo, Foster City area is a smart alternative but most people don’t think of it. Here are some reasons you should consider renting one to put away your belongings safely and yet, access them when you need them. 1. Musty Odors Get into Your Stuff                                           You may not have realized that your things can get a musty odor when you store your boxes of stuff in the attic or basement. However, when you go to retrieve them, you may notice that a mus

Why Finding a Self-Storage Facility in West Maui Makes Sense …Before the Holidays!

Why Finding a Self-Storage Facility in West Maui Makes Sense … Before the Holidays! The holidays are a time for family, festivities, and fun traditions. The holidays are also a time for gifts. No matter how big or small your West Maui home is, finding a self-storage facility before the holidays is a smart idea. Not only can you put away some things that you don’t need during the holidays in the storage unit – creating more room for family and friends – you also know that at the end of the holidays, you can store the decorations and trimmings in your storage unit so they are safely out of the way until you want them again next year. What should you store in your West Maui self-storage facility unit? Some of the most common items you can safely place in self - storage units are: Seasonal items such as clothing, furniture, equipment and other things you don’t need year round. You probably need your patio furniture all year long in West Maui but you only need that tall Chr

Back to School

The new school year is here and with it comes added responsibility. Here are some back to school organizational tips to help you and your children stay sane during the school year. Stay Organized It's too easy to lose a vital assignment or paper in a backpack or messy room. Creating a file folder can help your child stay organized with any worksheets or papers they receive each week in class. This way all of their loose documents can go into one location. Stock Up  School supplies are something that no matter how many we purchase, we feel that we never have enough. Maintaining a cache of school supplies in an unused drawer can help keep you prepared for any surprise projects or assignments. The worst thing that could happen would be running out of construction.paper the night before your child's project is due.   Declutter When you have some time, go through your child's unused clothes and put the clothes in a box to donate to a worthy organization. You&#

It’s the First Time I’m Renting At A Self Storage Facility in San Mateo — Where Do I Start?

It’s the First Time I’m Renting At A Self Storage Facility in San Mateo — Where Do I Start? If you have made the decision to rent at a self storage facility in the San Mateo, Foster City area, you have already made a good start. What’s next? If this is your first time storing items, follow these steps to ensure you get an efficient and cost-effective storage experience: 1. Choosing the Right Storage Facility If you decide to phone shop first, be sure to call more than one storage facility.  Many facilities have similar pricing, but the difference between actual locations and storage facilities can be worlds apart.  Before renting a unit online, visit the facilities. Select one in a part of town that you are comfortable with.  Ask yourself these questions:  When you visited, was there a representative on the premises to help you?  At 5A’s self storage facility in San Mateo – Foster City area, someone is available on site 7 days a week.  Did the storage manager make you

5 Things You Should Know About Storage Rental in San Mateo

­5 Things You Should Know About Storage Rental in San Mateo Anytime you store your belongings in a storage rental unit, you want to be sure that they will be in the same good condition when you retrieve them. The following are some important things you should know before you rent a storage rental unit in San Mateo. 1. There is a Right Way to Pack your Storage Rental Unit Depending on how you plan to use your unit, as temporary storage during a move, for example, or as a secondary place for seasonal items, packing your storage rental unit takes a little planning. Keep items you plan to access often, like boxes of holiday decorations or sports equipment, in accessible spaces. If you will be going in and out of the unit often, plan a walkway space or aisle between boxes and other items. 2. You can Right-Size your Storage Rental Unit Make sure you get the right help and guidance when choosing the appropriate size for your storage unit. Right-sizing your storage rental un

5A Rent-A-Space Hosts E-Waste Recycling March 15th!

5A RENT A SPACE HOSTS E-WASTE RECYCLING MARCH 15 TH ASSISTED BY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY & MAUI COUNTY ELECTRONICS RECYCLING. AAAAA RENT-A-SPACE in Lahaina, assisted by Maui County Electronics Recycling and Habitat For Humanity, is holding an Electronic E-Cycling event on Saturday, March 15 th from 7:00 am – 11am in 5A Rent-A-Space’s Parking lot at 3600 Lower Honoapiilani Rd.   5A Rent-A-Space, with the cooperation of the Maui County Electronics Recycling Program, will accept Electronic Waste Equipment and deliver it to Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store Warehouse in Wailuku for refurbishment or recycling. 5A invites our communities to “Join us as we work to keep our Island Home Clean & Green!”   The following items will be accepted:   TV’s, Keyboards, Laptops, Computers, Computer Monitors, PDA’s, MP3 Players, CRT & LCD Monitors, Printers, Scanners, DVD & VCR Players, Telephones, Cell Phones, Fax Machines, Stereos, Speakers, Video & Digital Cameras, Microwav