Back to School

The new school year is here and with it comes added responsibility. Here are some back to school organizational tips to help you and your children stay sane during the school year.

Stay Organized

It's too easy to lose a vital assignment or paper in a backpack or messy room. Creating a file folder can help your child stay organized with any worksheets or papers they receive each week in class. This way all of their loose documents can go into one location.

Stock Up 

School supplies are something that no matter how many we purchase, we feel that we never have enough. Maintaining a cache of school supplies in an unused drawer can help keep you prepared for any surprise projects or assignments. The worst thing that could happen would be running out of construction.paper the night before your child's project is due.


When you have some time, go through your child's unused clothes and put the clothes in a box to donate to a worthy organization. You'll be surprised how much space you can free up simply by getting rid of unworn clothing. And it never hurts to donate to a worthy cause!


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