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Most homes have enough room in them to live spaciously and comfortably, but it’s the amount of clutter we accumulate that makes it frustrating to live there. With the raising cost of land, building a house has never been so expensive, so the hallmark of today’s residential developer is downsizing. They’re downsizing land parcels, rooms, and there’s a lack of closet space. Homes used to be large, had attacks and basements, so storage of extra possessions wasn’t a problem. Utilizing space more efficiently can be a challenge. Having an off-site storage unit can help you save all your important things , and even the “clutter” that a family accumulates. It is basically a room at a storage facility comprised of cubic feet. There you can keep and visit your stored possessions, taking out what you need when you need it, and putting it back for safekeeping when your are done. -Jenny Boyd Tweet