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Moving between Homes during COVID-19

Moving is stressful in good times. It is much harder during a worldwide pandemic. With all the different guidelines and restrictions in place, do you know what steps you need to take to make your transition? All it takes is some careful planning and preparation, and before you know it, you will be enjoying your new home or apartment. At 5A Rent-A-Space, we make it our mission to keep you safer by taking extra precautions to keep our facilities clean. When you reserve your space at our storage facility near Maui, we will have it cleaned and ready for you to move in.  6 Suggestions for Moving Safely during a Pandemic  Besides having your sanitizer, mask, and disinfecting wipes handy, utilize these six tips to keep safe while moving during a pandemic: Talk about logistics with your moving company. Businesses are doing much to make things safer for their employees and customers. They may carry disinfectant spray and hand sanitizers or reschedule appointments if you or a family member is f

How to Choose the Right Storage Unit for You

Finding the best storage unit for you doesn’t have to be hard. It pays to do a little investigation and locate the self-storage company that meets all your needs. Where do you start? Start with 5A Rent-A-Space! Choose a company that offers convenient self-storage solutions for your needs – personal and business. At 5A Rent-A-Space, you can choose from a wide range of unit sizes. When you rent from 5A in the Lafayette area, we will move your stuff to your unit with our free moving van . Need some packing supplies? We have you covered! Come by for a visit and see what we have available for you. 4 Tips to Find the Perfect Storage Space  Start your search for a convenient storage unit with these useful suggestions: Decide the type of storage you need. Your first step is more than just finding the perfect size of unit. The kind of storage facilities available include indoor, outdoor, and specialty. For example, you may want the ease of being able to organize your area even if it is rainin

What To Store and What Not to Store? A Handy Guide for Proper Storage

People use storage units for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are moving and need a place to put your belongings while in between houses. You could be downsizing after your children moved out. If you are running out of space at your office, placing items in off-site storage can free up space so your employees move and work more easily. The reasons are many, but if you don’t follow a few rules-of-thumb, you may find that you end up with more damaged goods than you expected. Make the most of your self-storage facility near San Mateo when you choose 5A Rent-A-Space. We offer a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. We also sell packing supplies, so you lessen the chance of damage to your fragile items. When you rent from 5A, we will even move your belongings with our free moving van. What to Store in Your Unit and What to Avoid  Determining what is suitable for your rental unit and what should be left out can be a little overwhelming. Here is a handy guide to help you: These Items Are OK

Clear Your Head by Clearing Your Space

While Americans are spending more time in their homes than ever before, the state of our household is something easily neglected yet of paramount importance. It is no secret that our surroundings greatly impact our mental well-being, with characteristics like prominent colors and open space completely changing how we feel. Neutral colors and Earth tones such as greens have been linked to lowering stress . Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow inspire passion, but can also heighten feelings of anger .  In addition to design choices such as color, cleanliness must not be forgotten due to its impact on our mental health. For many of us, both the act of cleaning itself and the end result of living in a tidy home can go a long way towards easing our minds. As evidenced by several studies , a clear connection has been determined between individuals' feelings of how cluttered their homes are and their levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  How to Maximize Perceived Space by Minimiz