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Closet Clean Out Time & The Invisible Household Assistant

Overloaded, unusable closet One of the reasons we Californians don’t wear coats and hats, is that we may not have any place to hang them!  Just kidding, it’s California’s better weather that really allows us to go without layers and the heavy over coats prevalently seen in January in Maine. All kidding aside though, we Californians are notorious for filling up our closets with everything under the sun, leaving no room for even the light-weight coats we do need. Since winter is coming, it’s time to get in motion and get ready for company and the holiday season.  That’s also the best time to clean out all the closets.  You can do it all at once, and keep only what you frequently need in them. Here’s an excellent solution to the overloaded closet syndrome: take all that sports gear, boxes of Christmas decorations, tools, books, out of season (or out of style) clothes, miscellaneous stuff and those shoe boxes of old a storage unit at 5A Rent-A-Spac