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February Is the Month of Purification, Start at Home —Rent Self-Storage Units Near Lafayette, California

February Is the Month of Purification, Start at Home
Rent Self-Storage Units Near Lafayette, California

A common California tradition is to find out when the desert turtle, Mojave Maxine will emerge from her slumber to signal the start of spring. No matter whether we believe this folklore or not, we often start getting Spring Fever in early February. In just six weeks, flowers will begin blossoming and trees will burst forth their new leaves. Everything will be taking on a vibrant, cheerful look. What about your home? Have the weeks of cooler temperatures left you in need of a clear out?

Spring is a typical time to break out the cleaners and declutter those closets. February is a great time to start, especially since the name literally means “Day of Purification”! When you need additional room to stow away those seasonal items, rent a self-storage unit near your Lafayette, California home. 5A Rent-A-Space is conveniently located so that you can retrieve your belongings anytime you need them. We can even help you move in with the use of our free moving van.

7 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Faster

Not sure where to start? Are you concerned that your spring cleaning will take too long? Utilize some of these tips to make things go faster:
  1. Doormat – The First Line of Defense: Welcome your guests and stop extra dirt from tracking in your home when you clean your doormat.
  2. Move on to Your Upholstery and Carpets: The fabric on your couch and the carpet under your feet take a lot of abuse. When using a shampooer, remember to use it first on a hidden area to make sure that the dyes do not bleed.
  3. Finish Floors: If you have wood floors or another type of flooring that is not carpet, take a moment to polish them up with the appropriate type of cleaner. You will enjoy years of continued use.
  4. Move on to Walls, Cabinets, Baseboards, and Woodwork: Dust clings to vertical surfaces just as quickly as it does horizontal ones. Use a sponge and gentle detergent to wash surfaces.
  5. Clean Off Ceiling Fixtures: While you are working up high, remember to dust off your ceiling fans and air conditioner vents.
  6. Wipe Out the Refrigerator: Now is a good time to wipe down the condenser coil found behind the toe grille. Dirt and dust can build up causing your appliance to overheat.
  7. Remove Extra Clutter: Spring cleaning would not be complete without a round of decluttering. Gather up some boxes or totes, trash bags, and markers, then head to your nearest closet to start purging.
Purge Your Home from Its Clutter with a Self-Storage Unit Near Lafayette

Breathe a breath of fresh air when you declutter your home and use your convenient 5A Rent-A-Space self-storage unit near Lafayette. We have a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs so that you can enjoy your home this spring season.
Reserve your self-storage unit online now. Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 925-643-2024 or toll-free at 1-800-5ASPACE (1-800-527-7223) to learn more. Not sure how much space you will need? Use our online Space Calculator to estimate the best unit size for you.

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Freeing Up Space for Loved Ones —Consider A Storage Rental Near San Mateo

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Freeing Up Space for Loved Ones —Consider A Storage Rental Near San Mateo

February is the month of love. The holidays and all the additional festivities are done. New Year’s Resolutions have been made (and possibly broken). By the time February rolls around, many of our thoughts turn to those diaper-wearing, winged cherubs. What are the origins of St. Valentine’s Day, and why do Americans across the country open up their wallets to buy flowers and candy to show their love?

When you sort through your belongings while decluttering and preparing your items for your storage rental, do you reminisce about the history behind them? For example, does the delicate teapot your great-grandmother brought over from England have memories of her courting days? Taking in a history lesson can be fun. The team at 5A Rent-A-Space near San Mateo can help you store your personal items after your trip down memory lane. We can even help by moving your stuff with our free moving van when you rent from us.

Fun Facts about St. Valentine’s Day

With spring just around the corner, nothing tells those around you that you love them like taking time to tidy up and declutter your home. In honor of the love month, here are some fun facts about Valentine’s Day you may not know:
  1. The Inspiration for the Holiday May Have Originated from Two Different Men. St. Valentine was a real person; however, his true identity is unknown. One version maintains that he was a temple priest who was beheaded by Claudius II. The other account says he was Bishop of Terni who was also martyred by Claudius II.
  2. There Are Approximately 13 St. Valentines. Valentinus was a popular name in the second and eighth centuries A.D. In checking the Catholic Church’s official roster of saints, it shows about a dozen variations of Valentine including a Pope that served about 40 days around A.D. 827.
  3. St. Valentine Is a Patron Saint of Many Things. A saint’s work is never done, even in the afterlife. St. Valentine watches over the lives of lovers, plagues, fainting, traveling, engaged couples, and marriages.
  4. A Poet May Have Invented the Holiday. The medieval English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a poem around 1375 called “Parliament of Foules” tying courtly love with the St. Valentine’s feast day.
  5. Celebrating Love is Not Just in February. Since there are so many St. Valentines on the roster, you can choose what day you would like to celebrate. For example:
    • November 3rd St. Valentine of Viterbo
    • January 7th St. Valentine of Raetia
    • July 25th St. Valentine (Valentina) 
    • July 6 and 30th Eastern Orthodox observations
Free Up Space for Your Loved Ones with a Storage Rental Near San Mateo

Ready to share your love with a clean and tidy home? When you rent a storage unit from 5A Rent-A-Space, you can clear out closets and clean out your garage. Do you have children finally leaving the nest and want to free up space? We’re giving away a free Valentine’s Day gift from now until February 14th while supplies last. You can get 25% off select units for three months, but there’s limited availability, so book fast!
Store your extra stuff in a safe and clean environment when you rent with us.
Reserve your self-storage unit online now. Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 650-338-0016 or toll-free at 1-800-5ASPACE (1-800-527-7223) to learn more. Remember to ask about our free moving van! Not sure how much space you will need? Use our online Space Calculator to estimate the best unit size for you.