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Tax Season is Over – Rent a Self-Storage Facility near San Mateo for Documents and Records

Not just businesses, but even individuals and families collect a lot of files and documents. Many are necessary to store for tax purposes, but now that tax season is over, it is time to consider what to do with all your documents and records. Electronic storage is a good option, but sometimes, especially for businesses, you may be required to maintain physical records for a specific period of time, or indefinitely. Often, important or dated files are pushed away into a back room, stuffed into a closet, or even occupying valuable floor space. This haphazard filing system can leave you scrounging for important tax documents come next season. No one wants to face that year after year. Preparing for next year's tax season now is easier when you rent a unit in a self-storage facility near San Mateo . There is no need to clutter up valuable space at home, or lease additional office space for your growing business when you keep your documents accessible and organized

How Does a Storage Unit near West Maui Enhance Your Car’s Trade-In Value?

Everyone wants a great deal when trading in their car for a new one. After spending thousands of dollars on a new car, most of us will take great care of the shiny new set of wheels. Fixing weird engine noises, changing the oil regularly, and keeping the interior fresh go a long way for your trade-in value later. However, there is one aspect of maintaining a car that few people even consider. You could increase the trade-in value of your vehicle by up to 10% by just protecting it from the elements. In other words, it is time to put your car in the garage. In Maui's tropical island weather, your car is guaranteed to take a beating from the elements. For example, with the wet, salty Hawaiian air, your beloved convertible will rust quicker when it is forced to stay outside day in and day out. Unfortunately, many homeowners pile their garages high with boxes or seasonal items, instead of providing a shelter for their cars. By renting a storage unit near West Maui , y