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Saving Storage Solutions For Your Home

                                    Current urban and suburban home development means smaller homes on smaller lots. This type of urban planning has put a premium on storage space within these more compact homes. As our culture learns to live in tighter quarters, everyone looks for ways to maximize the use of their space and reduce clutter.  Popular areas for storage solutions are in closets, kitchens, laundry rooms and home offices. Below are a few ideas for space saving storage solutions in your home.       Rolling Carts: Rolling carts can be an excellent way to maximize storage in small spaces. When you add castors to a cart of any size, it allows you the flexibility to move your storage as needed. Below is one example of how a rolling cart can improve storage space in your kitchen.                            Hanging shelves: Attaching shelving to the walls allows you to use space off the floor for storage. You can use unconventional means of storage

Mini-Storage Messenger 2016 Renovation Facility of the Year Award

      AAAAA Rent-A-Space is proud to announce that our Foster City site has won the 2016 Facility Renovation Of The Year award from Mini-Storage Messenger Magazine.  Mini-Storage Messenger has been the leading publication in the Self-Storage industry since 1979. Since 1976, the beginning of 5A’s facility in Foster City, we have overseen many changes to not only our facility, but to the cityscape around us. One of the challenges of our renovation was turning outdated looking buildings into “eye-popping, welcoming , modern self-storage structures.” ( Fivecoat-Campbell, Kerri “ AAAAA Rent-A-Space Foster, City, California ”. Dec. 2016: 48. Print).   To accomplish this, our owners decided to use strong ribbed metal panels over the stucco to add texture and reflect a 21 st century , high-tech feel. GT Aubert Construction added high quality, 24 gauge seamless rib roofing that will help stand the test of time. Our facility now has Solar Panels , which will allow us to

3 Tips to De-Clutter your Home

            A great New Year’s resolution is choosing to de-clutter and organize your home. It can be overwhelming deciding where to start, so here are a few tips to help you along in the process. Start small . If you try and tackle your whole home at once, it will feel overwhelming. Start with one room or even one half of a room. Accomplishing smaller goals will help you feel successful and capable of tackling bigger projects. Sort items into 3 piles: Keep, Donate, Trash . This can be the most difficult part of the process. In order to help you decide which pile to put an item into, ask yourself these questions:                           (1)  Have I used this item in the last year?                       (2)  If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?                       (3)  Is the only thing that’s keeping me from tossing this item is that I don’t want to                                     waste money?                       (4)  Am I holding onto this