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5 Ways a Storage Unit Makes Living in Orinda Easier

Housing is expensive in Orinda. A quick internet search reveals that the cost of housing in Orinda is nearly 62% higher than the rest of California. The average price of rent for a two-bedroom home is approximately $2630 while an average studio can run you $1800. It can be cost effective to take the studio and rent a storage unit near Orinda for everything you want to keep but won’t fit. Why spend for extra space to house your little used stuff when a storage rental unit can do the trick?  Here are five reasons to utilize a 5A Rent-A-Space Storage unit near your Orinda home that will save you money and precious space. Ready to Lighten the Load? 5 Reasons a Storage Unit Makes Life Easier Whether you are moving to Orinda for the first time or have lived there for many years, renting a self-storage unit can greatly enhance your life by lightening the load. Here is how: Extra Closet Space: You can never have enough closets, and your housing budget may allo

How to Keep Electronics Safe in Self-Storage - Tips from Our Lafayette Storage Rental Experts

Do you have some unused electronic devices sitting around taking up space? Maybe you are in the process of moving your mother-in-law into your spare bedroom and need to store your additional televisions, computers, printers, or cameras for an extended period of time. Putting these items in storage can be the solution to freeing up precious space in your home. As these are expensive purchases, it is important that you do not just throw your items into storage without thinking about how to protectively package your investment. When you choose a 5A Rent-A-Space storage rental near Lafayette , you can be assured that your belongings are safe and protected. 3 Tips for Safely Storing Electronics for Extended Periods Before you leave your electronics to the whims of the climate, take these tips into consideration for properly storing your items: Think Climate Controlled Units – Electronics can be fickle when it comes to climate exposure. If it gets too cold, you run th