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Take Your Spring Cleaning Up a Notch

Springtime means many things to different people. It may mean more barbecues on the deck. Maybe it is the chance to catch up on unfinished projects in the garage. For several, it is the best opportunity to do some spring cleaning. Instead of your basic tasks of shaking the sand off your throw rugs and calling it good, why not kick it up a notch? Even in our tropical paradise, the changing of the calendar and seasons offer new opportunities by getting rid of the old and sprucing up your home. Kick off a new season with a fresh start by tidying and organizing your space. A storage unit near Maui is the perfect solution to help revamp your abode. At 5A Rent-A-Space, we offer a wide range of sizes to ensure you have enough storage room to make your house the haven of which you dream. Tips to Clean, Organize, and Create Comfort in Your Maui Home Don’t let summer sneak up on you and not be ready for it! Here are a few tips to get you started and revitalize your home this spring: Start with

Tips to Make Your Home Allergen-Free and Eco-Friendly

Spring is a beautiful time of year when flowers and trees bloom. The birds even seem to sing sweeter songs. Unfortunately, allergy season is in full swing too. If you or a loved one suffer from the effects of dust, dander, pollen, or a myriad of other allergens, you may struggle to breathe among all the beauty. Taking over-the-counter medicines may help alleviate some of your symptoms, but you can do even more to ease the suffering throughout the season. Take steps to control spring allergens within your home. There are several options, and the 5A-Rent-A-Space storage facility near San Mateo is a significant first step. We offer a wide variety of sizes to cover your needs and store those seasonal and other items that quickly clutter your home. We can even help move you with our free moving van when you rent from us. 8 Easy Steps to Control Spring Allergens within Your Home Get the rest and comfort you seek when you make your home allergen-free and eco-friendly with these steps: Inve

Why a Clean and Tidy Space Is Good for Your Productivity and Mental Health

Do you ever feel like your house could be a location for an episode of Hoarders? Instead of opening your front door to a relaxing environment, do you feel the tension rise as you view the disorganization and clutter encircling you? Do thoughts of cleaning and organizing your home seem more like a fairy tale than a reality? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, it is time to take control, increase your productivity, and improve your mental health. All it takes is a little work and some determination. You actually improve your mental health, when you reclaim your oasis from the clutter and choose to scrub, organize, and refresh it. Before you shrink back from the seemingly overwhelming task ahead, rent a storage space from 5A Rent-A-Space near Maui to get you started. Soon you will find yourself doing a happy dance, regaining your productivity, and loving life. We will even move your items with a free moving van when you rent from us. 5 Reasons You Should Organize and Clean yo