Saving Storage Solutions For Your Home


Current urban and suburban home development means smaller homes on smaller lots. This type of urban planning has put a premium on storage space within these more compact homes. As our culture learns to live in tighter quarters, everyone looks for ways to maximize the use of their space and reduce clutter.  Popular areas for storage solutions are in closets, kitchens, laundry rooms and home offices. Below are a few ideas for space saving storage solutions in your home.

  •      Rolling Carts: Rolling carts can be an excellent way to maximize storage in small spaces. When you add castors to a cart of any size, it allows you the flexibility to move your storage as needed. Below is one example of how a rolling cart can improve storage space in your kitchen.  


  •         Hanging shelves: Attaching shelving to the walls allows you to use space off the floor for storage. You can use unconventional means of storage such as the wire baskets and peg boards pictured below. This also adds visual interest and design in your space.


  •       Armoires:  An armoire can be a fantastic way to organize your home. They are a stylish piece of furniture to add to any room in your home, and can hold many forms of organization on the inside.


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