Clear Your Head by Clearing Your Space

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While Americans are spending more time in their homes than ever before, the state of our household is something easily neglected yet of paramount importance. It is no secret that our surroundings greatly impact our mental well-being, with characteristics like prominent colors and open space completely changing how we feel. Neutral colors and Earth tones such as greens have been linked to lowering stress. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow inspire passion, but can also heighten feelings of anger

In addition to design choices such as color, cleanliness must not be forgotten due to its impact on our mental health. For many of us, both the act of cleaning itself and the end result of living in a tidy home can go a long way towards easing our minds. As evidenced by several studies, a clear connection has been determined between individuals' feelings of how cluttered their homes are and their levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

How to Maximize Perceived Space by Minimizing Clutter

  1. Consider High Spaces: One often overlooked area of space in our homes is right over our heads. Either by installing new shelving entirely, or reorganizing some of our less-used possessions, we can remove obvious clutter from our eye-line, thus reducing the impact it has on the overall level of clutter.
  2. Wall Storage to Show Off: Contrasting the idea of hiding clutter away above us, we can also use wall mounts to both store and show off some of our most visually appealing belongings. A stylish bicycle or key ring can be mounted on a wall to both clear up space on other surfaces as well as add a touch of personality to the space.
  3. Use Baskets: Often made from wicker or other woven fabrics, the increasing popularity of baskets in modern home design exemplify the importance of both form and function. They can serve as an eye catching touch to a room while also storing items that would otherwise clutter and complicate the space.

Consider Self-Storage for Your Less Used Items

It is no secret that we often hold on to items for a variety of reasons besides them coming of daily use. Whether it is due to sentimentality or perhaps them having only seasonal use, we as a species enjoy having the right tools for specific occasions when they arise. For this reason, self-storage is a reliable and rewarding option to keep some items available to us when we need them, while also keeping our household free of clutter. A snowboard takes up just as much space in the summer as a kayak does in the winter, so why not store each in a storage unit and use them at your leisure. 

By minimizing clutter through these techniques, as well as renting out a storage unit, any household can be turned into place of rest and relaxation instead of a place of stress. As long as we are spending this much time in our own homes, we may as well make them as conducive to mental well-being as possible. Doing these seemingly small acts will have a tremendous impact on how we feel, how efficient we can be while working from home, and how well we can get through this time together.


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