Going GREEN!

Here at 5A, we strive to do our part in saving the planet. We also, want to help you, as much as we can, to reduce the amount of waste that sits in our nation's landfills. In California, 5A offers 100% FREE E-Waste Recycling once a month. Stop by and drop off any old electronic, computers, and more! Moraga hosts theirs the first Saturday of the month, and Foster City does theirs on the last Saturday of the month. We are also pleased to offer a brand new promotional item for all our sites. We've recently began giving out reusable tote bags! These convenient and environmentally friendly bags provides our customers a green alternative to those plastic bags at grocery stores.

At 5A, we are excited to announce our biggest contribution to helping preserve our planet. At our Lahaina, HI location, we have just begun construction on solar panels and an electric car charging station! When completed, the 5A charging station would be the 3rd electric car charging station on Maui, and the only one in Lahaina!

Use these resources to do your part in saving our planet!


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