5A Rent-A-Space Lahaina Electric Car Charging Station


5A Rent-A-Space has installed a Level 2 electric car charging station.  It’s up and in the testing stages right now and will be ready for public use within 2 to 3 weeks.

5A’s new Solar Panels were completed just weeks ago and  are  producing  enough  energy  for  their  storage facility  and  retail  center  next  door.  5A  will  sell remaining power to MECO for 220 average homes in the West Maui area.

5A Rent-A-Space has installed a solar system with a 600 kilowatt photovoltaic system that will feed 2,880 kilowatt-hours into Maui’s electric grid each day, prevent 1.7 million pounds of CO2 from being released in the atmosphere of Maui, be the equivalent of planting 29,350 trees and taking 243 autos permanently off the Island’s roads.  The result is a potential annual savings in electrical costs exceeding $284,000.  Governor Neil Abercrombie states, “Hawaii’s goals are ambitious; we are striving to be 70% energy independent by 2030.” Presently Hawaii is ahead of their projected goals.

MECO; “Maui Electric is pleased to partner with AAAAA Rent-A-Space in embracing renewable energy and bringing our state closer to realizing our clean energy goals,” said Maui Electric Company’s president Ed Reinhardt. “We recognize that weaning our state from imported oil will require a diverse portfolio of clean energy sources and this project is yet another step in the right direction for Maui.”

5A Rent-A-Space’s co-owner Michael Knuppe says  “Our family has done business in the Maui community for almost three decades.  We feel we have an obligation to be good stewards of the island and take the role of being positive, progressive members of the community very seriously. This project provides clean, quantifiable benefits to our center’s merchants, our community and Hawaii as a whole.”

1938 American made solar panels were installed on the 5A facility’s rooftops. Their capacity will feed 2880 kilowatt-hours into Maui’s electrical grid each day.

5A believes in “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”, and are environment - tally conscious. They are adding solar power and electric car charging stations because they want to take care of the Aina


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