A Unique, Silent Business Partner

There are hundreds of reasons why companies and business people have “silent” business partners: For brain power, support or financial assistance, but here is one you may not have thought of; a storage unit at your nearest AAAAA Rent-A-Space. A typical “self” storage, or mini, has a variety of uses, and a wide range of sizes - from a closet size, to something with the capacity of a triple wide garage. Most have 8’ to 10’ ceilings; so think in terms of cubic feet when you calculate how much storage space you’ll need.

The benefits of using a storage unit for business begin to unfold when you ponder how you can make your business work space more efficient for your work force. Most businesses are now more cost conscious, and utilizing people and space wisely is a key issue in overhead savings. If you need to hire another sales person, technician, researcher or secretary, but don’t have the room for them, review the space you do have and note any extra, unused business equipment. This includes file cabinets that are filled with “dead” files only held for tax purposes, furniture not in use; in short, anything that doesn’t get used on a regular basis. These things can all be stored to make the room you need for that extra, important person, and to make your floor space do more work for you..... plus the cubic feet in a storage unit is much cheaper than office space anywhere in the Bay Area.

Retailers can use storage units for inventory control, taking advantage of quantity discounts or seasonal purchases, and storing articles until they are needed on the show-room floor. Storage is useful to organize inventory as well. Items for different seasons or sale dates can be placed in separate units for quick, efficient retrieval, plus minimize shrinkage because employees or delivery personnel have access only to the unit you give them a key for.

Your show floor can look fresh, professional and uncluttered when you display only what you need and store all the rest, and better customer service can be a planned part of your business when you can fill an order on short notice because you have back up inventory or parts in a nearby storage unit. Holiday decorations and theme displays can be ordered in advance and stored until you’re ready to use them.

Small businesses that usually work out of their garages can really benefit by using storage units because they can warehouse all their parts, tools and equipment and use their garage again to park their vehicles. Distributorships get the best use from a storage company that has multiple locations so they can service towns around the Bay.

Certainly, if you’ve decided to remodel your business, rather than relocate, storage can play a big part
in making the job easier. You can store all your business furniture or equipment and materials until the remodel is finished, and you’re ready for business again. Or rotate items into and out of storage as the remodel progresses, and until you’re back to normal.

A number of storage facilities grant discounts on multiple unit rentals to businesses, some will accept deliveries for you, and with your written permission, place the goods into your unit and call you upon arrival. Several have fork lifts on their premises to unload trucks. Most will bill you and accept major credit cards, giving you a computer print out of all your business transactions with them for your tax purposes. All these ideas can make an off-site, self-storage unit a major benefit to any company, and in essence, gives you the assistance of a “Silent” partner for your business.


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