Storage Can Help Your Car Retain Its Value!

Surveys across the nation show that a lot of people don't park their car in their garage, mainly because their garage has become the "catch-all" for sports equipment, discarded furniture, appliances or anything else they're saving, but don't have room for in their house. Some homeowners are "Mr. (or Ms.) Fixit" and the garage is full of tools, table saws and odds and ends of building materials. Storing in your garage seems ok, until you find out that you could increase the trade-in value of your car by up to 10% if it were adequately protected from the elements during the time you own it.

Auto dealers know which cars have been well cared for when they inspect them
as trade-ins. The paint and rubber haven't deteriorated and the upholstery and dash haven't faded. There's also the psychological factor that if you take visible care of the car, you also make sure you get the oil changed regularly, and do all the routine maintenance. These little things count up while the dealer is making allowances on your car's trade-in value for you, because he's thinking about book value minus the reconditioning costs he has to pay to get it ready for resale… and means net profit to him.

Using a storage unit, instead of your garage, is the perfect solution because its an accessible place to keep the stuff you want to save. Let's face it, cleaning out the garage may not be anyone's favorite sport, but if you make a simple calculation, that five years from now, if your car is worth an estimated $15,000 at trade-in time, and you have maintained it's value by an added 10%...that's worth additional $1,500 to you, and who can afford to throw away $1,500?

Storage is useful for a number of other value-saving ideas at home. Once you get to thinking of the various ways you can make life simpler, more spacious and comfortable with less stuff under foot, you can get
creative and invent your own ideas on how best to put storage to use.


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