Planting a Spring Garden


   The weather is warming up and our recent rains have made trees and plants come into full bloom. This is a fantastic time to begin working in your backyard to create a garden. You don’t need a large amount of space to yield a high impact garden. Many urban dwellers are creating vertical gardens to grow herbs and vegetables. Own a small home/townhome? Think about creating a raised bed in your backyard space to grow the plants of your choice. Thinking about planting a flower garden? Pansies, Lilacs and Grape Hyacinth are fragrant and beautiful flowers to grow during this time of year. Thinking about planting a veggie garden? Check out the Growing Calendar infographic below from the Listotic blog ( It will give you a great place to start in building your garden.





For more garden ideas, visit our Backyards & Gardens page on our Pinterest account.








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