6 Tips to Increase Your Home's Value


  When the weather becomes increasingly warmer, many homeowners’ begin the process of updating their home and yards. It can be hard to decide where to start, especially when you are on a budget. Below are 6 tips to increase your home’s value no matter what your budget.


·         Paint: It is amazing how a simple paint change can spruce up a home. On average, a gallon of paint can be around $20 - $30 and will cover a whole room. Remember to use a semi-gloss paint in Kitchens and Bathrooms, and a matte finish in bedrooms and living rooms. While neutral colors often appeal to a larger audience, consider painting one wall a darker/bolder color as an accent wall.



·         Low Maintenance Landscaping: Considering that California has battled drought conditions the past 4 years. Planting low-maintenance and drought resistant landscaping can save you money on your water bills and on landscaping maintenance costs. It will also ensure that your yard will remain beautiful looking despite the weather conditions. The more color you can add to your yard through your plants and shrubs, the more curb appeal you will add to the outside of your home. Think about purchasing plants that are native to your area and install a drip system that can water your yard on a timer. This will make it easier to “remember” to water the plants, keeping them in good condition plus save on your water bill.



·         Small Bathroom/Kitchen Updates: Bathrooms and Kitchens are usually the most important areas of a home to buyers. Because they can be large scale and expensive projects to manage, many people won’t purchase a home based on the outdated condition of these two rooms. If you can’t afford a full renovation, think about making small updates like replacing wall paper, changing light fixtures or faucets, or adding a new sink/vanity unit. These changes will go a long ways to increasing the look of these two rooms.



·         Keep up with your regular home maintenance and repairs: Keeping up on small repairs will save you money in the long run. If you leave a repair too long, it can often cause larger scale damage that will cost you significantly more to repair. It will also make it easier to sell your home if all home maintenance is up to date. Most buyers don’t want to buy a fixer upper.


·         Clean gutters, replace chimney flashing, calk around sinks and bathtubs, calk window casings and replace any trusses in the attic or other wood on the home that have acquired wood rot. Trim all bushes, trees and plants. Continually taking care of these repairs and visual maintenance issues really keep a home at its best and it’s dollar value high.


·         Think about Going Green: If you have the ability to invest in solar panels, you can save a large amount of money on your energy bills. In addition, if you add a solar water heater you can often cut your hot water bills in half. The initial installation is expensive, but the money up front will translate to saving more money down the road.




For more tips on increasing your home value, check the link below.


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