Summer Storage Tips for College Students


    Once you finish your last final exam, it is time to turn your attention to packing up for the summer. Before you start flinging your possessions haphazardly into boxes, take some time to consider what you need to take home or store near the campus. Items to take home include spring or summer clothing, personal items, jewelry, and personal computer equipment you might need. Safely and efficiently store all other items by renting storage units near Moraga. 5ASpace offers you some attractive coupon deals and a “Student Discount” when you rent a unit with us. Temporarily storing your dishes and furnishings in a storage unit is a convenient way to ease the burden of moving back in the fall. The more you plan and organize yourself now, the easier moving back to the campus will be later.


Tips for Packing and Storing Your College Furnishings and Personal Items

Here are some useful tips to guide your packing:

·         Organize Into Categories: Start by putting all your belongings into categories such as bedding, kitchenware, school supplies, and furniture.

·         Secure all Boxes: Use strong packing tape to seal up your boxes. Extend it 4-5 inches up on each side of the box. For heavier boxes, run extra tape perpendicular to the seam.

·         Label Boxes and Totes: Label all four sides and the top of your boxes to make it easier to retrieve items. Make a list of all articles in any totes you use and tape it to the outside.

·         Create an Inventory List: Create a list of all the items you are storing in the rental unit.

·         Books: Pack your books horizontally into small, sturdy boxes to protect their spines and don’t pack too many in a box, they get heavy fast. Make it easier on yourself to maneuver book boxes.

·         Clothing and Bedding: Wash all your clothing and bedding before placing in clear plastic bins or new cardboard boxes. Use clean trash bags for your bedding as it will fit easier into crevices.

·         Kitchenware: Wrap your glass dishes in bubble wrap or plain newsprint. Place heavier items at the bottom of sturdy boxes and lighter dishes on top. Use kitchen towels and pot holders for fillers.

·         Appliances: Clean out all appliances thoroughly before putting in your storage unit. Leave the door to your mini-fridge open for proper air flow.

·         Furniture: Disassemble your bed frame. Place a pallet or tarp on the floor under your mattress and box spring before leaning it against the wall of your unit.

Enjoy your summer knowing that your furnishings and personal items are safely stored and ready for your next semester. All it takes is a little planning and organizing now.

Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 925-643-2024 or or toll free at 1-800-5ASPACE (1-800-522-7223) to learn more about renting a self-storage unit near MoragaRead our FAQs to find out more about properly storing your furnishings and belongings. You can also reserve your unit online now. If you are not sure how much space you will need for your items, use our online “Space Calculator.”



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