Declutter your Kid's Bedroom Before Thanksgiving

Declutter your Kid's Bedroom Before Thanksgiving

As we finish packing away the scarecrows, skeletons, and other spooky decorations, we know that means Thanksgiving time is almost upon us. It is a time of year for good food and giving thanks, but above all else it is a time for family. As the in-laws roll in and the kids come home for the long weekend, the question on everyone's mind is how are we going to have enough space for all of these people?

Before you go off and start building a new wing of the house, the most logical first step to take in this situation would be to maximize the amount of space you already have. The best way to go about this is to make sure that you have cleared out any clutter that remains in spare rooms. It's something we've all been guilty of one time or another, as the kids leave the nest their rooms their rooms begin to seem more and more enticing to use to store our stuff. What might start with a few extra boxes quickly becomes the dumping grounds for any and all extra stuff that you have. For a period of time this works out great, but now as Thanksgiving comes around and everyone comes back home you suddenly need the space to be usable once again.

The first step to take in this situation is to take inventory of the stuff you are using that room to store. Distinguishing what is important from what is not will make the whole process smoother. Here are a few tips to help declutter:

  1. Use the 12 month rule: A commonly suggested rule of thumb when attempting to clear out, the 12 month rule suggests that any item that you have not used in the past year you are unlikely to use again. Anything that falls in this category is most likely alright to toss out.
  2. Do the Two Trash Bag Challenge: This technique is another classic move to help decide what to keep and what to throw away. To do this you should grab two trash bags, dedicating one to trash that you are willing to throw away, and the other to stuff that you would donate to charity. This technique helps you separate what is really important and what is not.
  3. Store the Rest: After these first two steps you are likely going to have a good amount of stuff left over, that's perfectly normal. For the leftover gear that you aren't quite willing to part with at that moment, that's where self storage comes in. An appropriately sized storage unit can be the answer you're looking for to make your spare rooms look neat and tidy before the holidays.
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