Moving & Sub Leasing Your Place? You Can Benefit from Storage Rental in a Big Way

Life has a way of taking unexpected turns. One moment you are set on your life plans, and then in the blink-of-an-eye, new opportunities pop up to take you in a different direction. You may find that to take advantage of new horizons requires finding someone to take over your current lease. After going through the arduous process of finding a qualified sub-lessee, you need to clear out your home.  

No matter whether you are downsizing, preparing for a new job in another area, or an extended summer trip, storing your belongings helps the sub-leasing process go much smoother. Utilizing a storage rental unit near San Mateo can make life easier and much more straightforward. 5A Rent-A-Space has a variety of unit sizes to fit your needs. We even have a convenient Storage Unit Size Guide with an in-depth calculator to help. 

How Sub-Leasers Benefit from Storage Rental

Trusting strangers to take care of your home while you are gone can be stressful. If you leave any possessions behind, you have the added fear of items being broken or stolen. Consider the ways you can benefit from using a 5A Rent-A-Space storage unit:
1.) Different sizing options: Storage rental companies understand that not everyone needs to store the same amount of stuff. Whether you want to pack away seasonal items or your whole house, you can.
2.) Get that furniture out of the way: Generally, if someone is going to move into your rental, they will have their own furniture to use. You can quickly, and efficiently, get all your furniture out of the way and safely stored.
    3.) Stuff personal items out of sight: Even if your tenant wants to use your furniture, you should remove any personal items. This safeguards you from identity theft and gives them an opportunity to enjoy their temporary home.
    4.) Convenient access to your wares: A storage unit near San Mateo is easily accessible when you need to get something in a hurry but don’t have the space to keep it at home.
5.)Easily accessed locations: What better way to keep your items safe than in a storage facility? Many self-storage units offer video surveillance and ID only entry gates.
    Go ahead and enjoy this next exciting adventure by taking advantage of a storage rental unit near San Mateo. Give your tenant the room to enjoy your home while you are gone. At 5A Rent-A-Space, we have served the community for over 45 years. Not only do we offer storage solutions, we sell a variety of packing materials including boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Plus, when you rent a self-storage unit from us, we move you in with our free moving van. Consider us your one-stop shop for all your moving and storage needs.

Reserve your self-storage unit near San Mateo now. Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 650-338-0016 or toll-free at 1-800-5ASPACE (1-800-522-7223) to learn more.


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