Monday, August 8, 2016

Top Home Improvements that Yield a High Sales Return

Many homeowners find home renovations daunting. The biggest question often being which home renovation brings the highest sales return? An article in Remodeling magazine, suggest that completing basic home maintenance will always go the farthest with potential buyers. Things such as replacing the siding, roof and windows all ranked higher than the “gourmet kitchen” that is displayed in magazines.

According to editorial Director Sal Alfano, “Buyers want to take the basic systems for granted.  They assume the roof doesn’t leak and the air condition and plumbing work. Maintenance can chew up a lot of cash quickly, and people are afraid of that.” (  If your general home maintenance is up to date, updating the Kitchen and/or Bathroom will also see high returns. These are typically the most expensive portions of the home to renovate.  HGTV also suggests keeping the Curb Appeal of your home strong. Applying a fresh coat of paint, adding new plants or replacing siding will attract buyers to want to walk inside your home. Your home sale return will be bigger if you put in a little maintenance outlay and if you follow these well tested guidelines.

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