New Baby Arrive Soon? Get Your Home Ready! - Put Your Extra Stuff in a Storage Rental Unit Near San Mateo

Babies are small and cuddly, but they can take up a surprising amount of space in your home. From cribs to swings, high chairs, bouncy chairs, strollers, tricycles, wagons, play mats, changing tables, toys, and more; it is challenging to make room for everything your new bundle of joy needs to be comfortable. If you are getting ready to welcome your first baby, you may need to de-clutter and make space for all of baby’s stuff. While you are going through this process, use the opportunity to get fully organized. That way, you are prepared for your little one and will have the time to enjoy parenting rather than stress over finding what you need, when you need it.

Store and Secure Your Extra Belongings in a Storage Rental Unit Near San Mateo

If you are clearing out a room to transform it into baby’s nursery, you may not have adequate space in your home to store the items from that room. Renting a storage unit near your home in San Mateo is a convenient and affordable solution! You can store boxes of clothes, books, toys and furniture. If you have an older child at home who has outgrown a lot of things, these can be stored for the new baby as he or she grows into needing them. By keeping all of these in storage, you can easily access the items whenever you need them.

While you are clearing out, organizing and getting ready for your bundle of joy, here are a few other steps you should take to prepare for the baby’s arrival:

·         Wash Everything – Even if it is brand new, it still needs a good washing before baby can use it. Wash all clothes, blankets, linens, burp cloths, diapers (if you are using cloth ones), and towels in the washing machine using a sensitive formula soap.

·         Clean Your House – When the new baby arrives, you will not have time or the energy to do extensive cleaning, so do it before hand. If you cannot manage it by yourself, hire a professional agency to come in and give it a deep clean. You’ll be so glad you did!

·         Stock Up on Essentials – Make sure you have enough of all the essentials for your kitchen, personal care and bathroom, including food that does not expire quickly, diapers, formula, medicines, baby’s and your own personal hygiene items, and any other baby item you will need for at least the first month.

5A Rent-A-Space has a variety of rental units that can comfortably fit your extra furniture, boxes, bedding, clothes, and more. Regardless of how much stuff you need to move out to prepare for baby, we have the storage solutions to help. Look at our online resources to get expert packing tips so that you can maximize the space in your rental storage unit. 5A’s website has a link to additional ideas to assist you and your family in getting and staying organized:

Contact 5A Rent-A-Space in Foster City at (650) 338-0016 today to find the perfect storage rental unit near San Mateo, CA. Reserve your unit online now and move your excess furniture and boxes to make space for the new addition in your family. If you are unsure of how much space you will need, use this quick “Space Calculator” to get an estimate.



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