5 Tips to Organize your Garage



The garage is an area of the home that is often neglected. Many homeowners find their garages to be messy, disorganized and hard to keep clean. The New Year is a great time to start fresh, and bring some organization to this portion of your home. Here are 5 tips for helping you get, and keep, a clean and organized garage.


1.      Buy a set of industrial style shelving from your local home improvement store. This will provide you with durable shelves to stack items and keep them from being scattered in your garage. The great thing about these types of shelves, is that they won’t be easily destroyed by the elements, and they are strong enough to store heavy items and light organize the light weight items.

2.      Purchase clear tubs in varied sizes for storing items and clearly label them. This will make it easy to find things when you’re in a hurry.                                                                                                                                   


3.      Think about budget friendly, re-purposing, forms of storage like empty peanut butter jars or tupperware for small items like nuts and bolts. Install a magnetic strip on the underside of a set of shelves. Then attach a washer inside the lid of these storage containers. Screw the glass part into it’s lid attached to the magnetic strip. This will be an easy way to keep small, loose bulk items organized and save space and money.        




4.      Install a peg board on the wall to assist in storing tools. See how Tina does it on her blog “A Mother’s Niche” http://mothersniche.com/easy-garage-organization-maximize-space/ . She suggested using a multi panel pegboard system on the walls to save space and store tools.




5.      Organize your garage into “zones.” Group like items together and create areas of the garage with a specific purpose. For example, tools in one area, sports equipment in another, bikes in another and so forth. Having a designated spot for certain items will save time searching for an item and assist in it being returned to the  correct spot.



For more tips on garage organization, see our Garge Board on Pinterest. https://www.pinterest.com/5aspace/garage/


Or check our landing page with more organizational tips and a PDF to download








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