3 Tips for Storing your Holiday Decor

Now that the holiday season has come to a close, many of us begin the process of packing the remaining holiday decorations. If you’re in need of recommendations to relieve the stress of this process, take a look at our easy organizational tips below.

Invest in multiple sturdy, clear plastic bins that can be clearly labeled. Make sure and group like items in each bin (ornaments, garland, lights, etc.) and make the label big enough to see from a distance. You will be thankful next year when you bring down your decorations from the attic, garage or storage unit. This organization system will make it faster and more convenient to find the items you need next year.

If you have smaller items you don’t want to get lost within a larger tub, group them together in smaller plastic Ziploc bags and label them. This will keep smaller (and sometimes delicate) items from getting lost in the process of packing or unpacking during the holiday season.

Another great idea to keep those fragile ornaments safe is to use old egg cartons as a way to protect them when stored.  The other option is to purchase an ornament storage container from Bed, Bath and Beyond or your local hardware store. The Bed, Bath & Beyond container holds 112 ornaments and has a zip enclosure. This keeps them free of dust and the dividers keep each individual ornament safe from breakage.

For more holiday decoration storage tips, visit the A Well Organized Life board on our Pinterest account. https://www.pinterest.com/5aspace/a-well-organized-life/


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