Keep Maui Green

Keep Maui Green

Maintaining a green lifestyle has become increasingly important in the Hawaiian Islands. With a limited amount of space on each island, local governments have launched initiatives to increase the awareness of what can be done to reduce, reuse and recycle the size of each island’s landfills. Hawaii Public Radio has launched a series of blog posts that list resources as well as up to date information on the issue of recycling in the Hawaiian Islands (

Maui is encouraging its inhabitants to lessen their footprint and look for alternative methods of dealing with waste. In the 2015 Green Issue of the Maui Time (4/16/15, vol. 18, issue 44), they feature the debate for and against the county’s proposed waste-to-energy facility. If current projections stay on track, Maui could receive its own waste-to-energy facility in 2017. This type of plant would convert raw waste products into different types of fuel products. By doing so, this would take pressure off the Maui landfills and begin generating revenue for the county of Maui. The debates are focused on deciding if such a project is sustainable in this environment. All of these discussions further the awareness of how important recycling and reusable energy is becoming on Maui. For the full article, go to http://www.mauitime/com/news.

5A Rent-A-Space in Lahaina is committed to renewable energy and creating a greener Maui. Currently we have Solar panels installed on our facility, as well as those of our retailers. We conduct monthly shred and e-waste events to reduce garbage in our local landfill. We also work with the local Rotary in making greater strides to provide assistance to local Maui residents in Going Green. To find out about our Shred Events, contact Liz May or Maria Terra at our 5A Lahaina location. (808) 669-5200

For more resources on recycling, go to as well as our Recycle/Reuse board on Pinterest.


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