Keeping a Clean Garage

Keeping a Clean Garage

Raise your hand if your garage looks like this:

Most people tend to use their garage as a storage unit instead of a house for their car(s). Tackling the organization of any garage can be daunting. Follow a few simple steps listed below to get your garage organized, functional and stress free.
  • Clear out everything in garage and sort into piles (keep, sell, store, donate, trash)
  • Box up and store seasonal items like holiday decorations, sports equipment not being used during that season, etc.
  • Install a peg board, some hooks and shelving to assist in organizing tools and items used daily. 
  • Install adjustable shelving that will allow for different sized items. 
  • Buy storage containers with one clear opening so that you can see what is inside. If you don’t have clear containers, make sure and clearly label each bin so that you can see from a distance what is in each container. 
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to combine a couple of different storage solutions to help you stay organized. 

It’s good to also remember that keeping your car in the garage can help save some resale value in your car.

For further tips on Garage Storage see our board labeled “Garage” on Pinterest:

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