How A Self Storage Unit in West Maui Can Help Your Small Business

How A Self Storage Unit in West Maui Can Help Your Small Business

When you run a small business, are you often in need of additional space? A self storage unit just might be the answer. Small businesses operate out of many types of spaces, from a personal garage to a large, modern facility. Even the most sophisticated business in West Maui can, however, run out of space. Is your business working with any of these situations?
  • Renovations and remodeling
  • Seasonal product rotation
  • Holiday decorating time
  • Ordering inventory in advance
  • Downsizing your business

If you have a storefront and customers walk in, you want their experience to be as inviting and engaging as possible. Stacks of boxes, bins, and other objects in the aisles make your show room floor look cluttered, uninviting and the lack of order makes it frustrating for the customer to find what they need.

A unit in a self storage facility can be the additional space your West Maui small business needs—it’s affordable, cost-effective, and efficient.

Here are just a few examples of how small businesses are implementing the use of a self storage  unit in West Maui:

1.       Landscapers are storing seasonal equipment, tools and extra parts in a self storage unit until they need them again.
2.       Some people buy and sell products through online sites. They can store the items they sell in their storage unit and ship when the products are purchased.
3.       A realtor who stages homes keeps her staging items: furniture, lamps, vases, and other things home d├ęcor in a storage unit taking out what she needs and storing it all again when the open house is over.
4.       A copier company stores parts and refurbished copiers in their storage unit until they are needed for temporary replacements or for resale.
5.       A contractor stores materials until they are needed as his client’s homes are remodeled or built. The materials stay dry and are ready to be installed at a moment’s notice.

Using a self storage unit can save your small business a lot of money by giving you a flexible space for products, furniture, and seasonal items without having to rent or buy larger business premises. With no long-term lease requirements and a reasonable dollar commitment, it’s easy to see why more small businesses in West Maui are making use of a self storage unit.

Call 5A Rent-A-Space at (808) 669-5200 with your questions and talk to one of our self-storage experts in the West Maui area. You can also get more information about our self-storage facility on our FAQ page and reserve your unit online. Use this “Space Calculator” to assist you in selecting the right size.


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