Make Halloween Fun by Setting Up an Indoor Trick-or-Treat Circuit

 Make Halloween Fun by Setting Up an Indoor Trick-or-Treat Circuit

As we move through October, the leaves continue to change colors, the wind begins to pick up more of a chill, and the days get shorter. Affectionately referred to as “Spooky Season”, this month is a time for some of us to indulge in suspenseful movies, or even embrace the more magical side of fall. Either way, the month of October is a time to share and enjoy the characteristics unique to the month.

Among the variety of activities that can be done this month, it comes as no surprise that Halloween night is widely considered the crowd favorite. The chance to put on a fun costume and be someone else for the night is quite rare for most of us. And as enjoyable as it may be for adults, it is an even more fantastical night for the younger generation. Kids on Halloween get the chance to express their boundless imagination to the fullest extent, dressing up as some of their favorite characters from all types of media. That, plus the added allure of satiating a sweet tooth with free candy leads to a one of a kind experience for them.

However, while we are still dealing with managing normalcy as well as Covid-safe practices, the act of Trick-or-Treating in a traditional sense is tragically off the table. To keep the magic alive for our children as well as practice safe social distancing, us here at 5A Rent-A-Space recommend setting up an indoor Trick-or-Treat circuit! 

Ideas to Turn Your House Into an Authentic Trick-or-Treat Experience

Decorate different rooms inside of your home with some of the following ideas to make sure your kids still have a fun Halloween:

Get Paranormal: The first and most obvious choice for most Halloween participants is also the simplest. Ghosts! The idea of ghosts exists in countless cultures in one form or another, and are easily the most recognizable, as well as most cost effective decorative idea for Halloween! Make it as simple as hanging a bed sheet over a lamp, or really get into it and turn an entire bedroom into a den of spirits!

Bring Back the Dead: Coming in right behind ghosts in terms of pop culture popularity are zombies! Set up some fake “brains” with a bowl of pink jello in the kitchen to give your kids quite an undead scare. Depending on the age of your children, fake blood or even fake body parts can be added to the theme for added effect.

Evoke a Classic Monster: Next up on our list of recommended Halloween decoration ideas is any of the age old classic monsters. Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies, even Frankestein’s monster are all fantastic ideas and can be easily set up with either a purchase from a Halloween store or some creative arts and crafts. 

5A Rent-A-Space Can Help You Clear Up Space to get Spooky

Regardless of the specific motifs you choose, taking the time to decorate the inside of your house for Halloween can make the world of difference for your children. Especially as we have to spend more time indoors than ever, the possibility to give kids a chance to express their imagination and indulge in the mystery of Halloween is something that cannot be underestimated. 

If space is tight or you end up with newly purchased decorations for Halloween, a storage unit at 5A-Rent-A-Space can give you just the right amount of space you need to make the whole process smoother. 

Reserve your self-storage unit online now. Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 808-745-1616 or toll-free at 1-800-5ASPACE (1-800-527-7223) to learn more. Not sure how much space you will need? Use our online Space Calculator to estimate the best unit size for you. 



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