10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Exciting

10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Exciting

Spring cleaning is a time for renewing and rejuvenating your home. Removing clutter and deep cleaning makes every room feel light and fresh. Most of us find the idea of enjoying a home after spring cleaning, refreshing; however, we are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff we own. So much so, that it is easier to forget the cleaning and replace it with binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

You know you need to spend time clearing out and cleaning up, so why not make it fun? Still need some room for extra belongings you are not ready to part with? Rent a self-storage unit near your Lafayette, California home. 5A Rent-A-Space is conveniently located for easy access to seasonal items and decorations while the rest of your house can stay sparkling clean and decluttered. We can even help you move in with the use of our free moving van when you rent from us.

Yes! Spring Cleaning CAN Be Exciting – Try these Tips

Lace up some comfortable shoes and grab your feather duster. Then use these tips to make your home sparkling fresh:
  1. Enlist the Family – Ask all the family to join in. You might hear a few groans, but that can easily be overcome by using the other tips in the list.
  2. Make It a Game – Set a timer and see who can pick up the most toys or make it a scavenger hunt. Use your imagination to get your children involved in a way that makes them forget they are cleaning.
  3. Turn Up the Tunes – Create a playlist of several upbeat songs and then turn up the radio. Soon you, your spouse, and your kids will be jamming to your favorite tunes, and the house will be sparkling before you know it.
  4. Read” a Good Book – Audiobooks give you the advantage of multi-tasking. Take in that romance you have been waiting to “read.” Another option is to binge-listen to podcasts.
  5. Reward Yourself – Decide how you will reward your efforts when the job is done. Will you go to that new restaurant in town? Maybe you can take a long bubble bath in your squeaky clean tub.
  6. Plan a Party – When you know someone is coming to visit, you immediately straighten your house. Use that force to your advantage and plan a party. You then have two items 1.) a deadline, and 2.) a reason to celebrate your accomplishment.
  7. Create an Upcycle Challenge – Use your imagination to take those old items and find new uses for them. Pinterest can give you plenty of ideas. Store your future creations in a self-storage unit near your Lafayette home until you are ready to use them.
  8. Practice Your Squats – Make the most of sorting through your stuff by adding stretching, squatting, and arm curls when you go through your belongings. When you add peppy music, you can quickly work up a sweat and burn calories.
  9. Make S’mores –Grab the chocolate, marshmallows, and Graham crackers and enjoy a snack while shredding old paperwork that’s no longer required.
  10. Fund Your Next Vacation – Among your things are likely to be many of great value. Put them up for sale and use the money to fund your next vacation.
Give Your Home a Breather with Spring Cleaning Made Fun

Make cleaning fun again when you enlist the help of family and take a different view of the job to be done. After all the purging is done, keep your home decluttered with the help of convenient 5A Rent-A-Space self-storage units near Lafayette. We have a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs so that you can enjoy your home this spring season.
During the month of March, enjoy a 35% discount on rent for two months on all units 9 x 10 and smaller while supplies last. Hurry in! We have limited availability.
Need boxes? We offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs at 10% off during March.
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