Choosing the Right Storage Unit Size Can Be Tricky! Here are a Few Tips to Make It Easier

Moving takes a lot of preparation and organization. Gathering up packing supplies is just the beginning. Renting a moving van or enlisting friends for help goes along with the process. Another choice to be made is what to do with all the extra stuff that will not fit in your new home. Many take advantage of the benefits of renting an off-site storage unit. Once that choice is made, you need to decide how much space you need.

Estimating the best sized unit for your remaining belongings can be done with a few simple tips. Save money and gain peace of mind when you choose to rent from a 5A Rent-A-Space self-storage facility near Lafayette. We provide a wide range of sizes and packing supplies for storing your things safely. Plus, we have a convenient Storage Unit Size Guide on our website at with an in-depth calculator. 

5 Tips to Easily Choose the Unit Size for Your Storage

Fretting over what size you need? Check out these suggestions to be sure that everything will fit in your rental space:

  1Start with a plan: With a few questions, you can get a handle on how much stuff you need to store. Once you have the answers, make a list.

o  What size of home do you currently live in?
o  Do you need to store appliances?
o Do you have outdoor items that need to stay in the storage unit?
o What other items do you need to store? Heirlooms? Furniture? Seasonal items?

 2Use some tape and a tape measure: Rental units come in a variety of sizes. Start by marking out a space on the floor with the tape. Measure out 5’ x 10’, 10’ x 10’ or one of the standard sizes.

3. Gather those items to be stored: Take those items going into your storage unit and fit them into the taped-out area on your floor. Put pieces in boxes if need be, so you can get a good sense of what it will look like.

4. Re-measure as needed: If you discover that there is not quite enough room, measure a larger area and try again.

      5.  Vertical packing counts: Remember you can stack floor to ceiling in your unit, so take full advantage of that cubic space.  Make sure you pack heavy items into your unit on the bottom and lighter or fragile items on top. 

Finding the right sized unit helps you save the money from paying for a unit that’s too large and minimizes stress during your move. Save time and utilize our space calculator. At 5A Rent-A-Space, we have served our customers for over 45 years. We sell a variety of packing materials including boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Rent a self-storage unit from us and we move you in with our free moving van. Consider us your one-stop shop for all your moving and storage needs.

Reserve your self-storage unit online now. Call 5A Rent-A-Space at 925-643-2024 or toll-free at 1-800-5ASPACE (1-800-522-7223) to learn more.


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