College Bound: How to thrive during your first year of college!

College Bound:
How to thrive during your first year of college!

            You’ve done it! You’ve graduated from high school and now moved into your new dorm room for college. The new found freedom you have outside of “Mom & Dad’s reach” feels amazing! Now that you’re a few weeks into the semester/quarter, you’re probably trying to figure out how to navigate the everyday bumps in the road of living on your own. Here are a few quick tips and life hacks to help you through that first year of living on your own.
  • Get Involved – This is the best time to try new activities, clubs, and meet new people. You may find a new hobby or at the very least a new group of friends. 
  • Get to Know Your Professors – Getting to know your professors will put a face to a name on their roster list. Professors are always willing to assist a student who takes the initiative to make themselves known in class. 
  • Exercise & Eat Right – This may seem like a no brainer, but in college, most students have a habit of burning the candle at both ends. The combination of late nights, not enough sleep and being exposed to a bunch of new people could cause you to get sick more often or gain the dreaded freshman 15 lbs. Take a little extra time to eat healthy, exercise and get as much sleep as possible. Your mind and body will thank you later. 
  • Make time to study – Don’t get me wrong, college is a blast! Some of the most valuable lessons you’ll learn during college are life lessons outside of the classroom. At the end of the day, you are still attending school. Don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal which is earning a college degree. You’ll be handed a great deal more reading, paper writing and hefty exams at the college level than in high school. Take the time to study and prepare so that you can pass your classes with flying colors.
  • Learn to manage your finances – This is a tough topic for many college students. A large number of college students each year get caught in the credit card trap. This will add high levels of personal debt on top of tuition/school related debt. Sit down with someone you trust, and ask them for help in creating a personal budget. Stick to a debit card or cash only, and be vigilant with how you’re spending your money. You will be thankful when you graduate for being frugal and proactive in your spending and not incurring more debt than needed.

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