Farmers' Markets

In today’s economy it can be difficult for small businesses to thrive. There is a current movement for families and individuals to support local business as much as possible.  One way to do that is through buying your produce at a local farmer’s market. There are many benefits from shopping at a local farmers market.

There are many benefits from shopping at a local farmers market.  Anything you buy will be in season which guarantees it to be at peak flavor and nutrition. When you purchase produce out of season, the cost often is higher because of the cost of shipping internationally.  Also, vendors will allow you to try the different items that they sell. This will allow you to find the produce that fits your tastes.  Not sure how to cook all the different veggies and fruit you see? Ask the vendor, they always have great tips on preparing their produce.

If you want to save even more on the cost of purchasing produce at the farmer’s market, go within the last 30 minutes of the market before closing. The local farmers always drastically reduce prices to ensure the purchase of their produce. To find your local farmers market you can visit the USDA’s website ( or visit one of the local farmer’s markets listed below. You can also visit our Pinterest Page for more opportunities on how to Shop Locally around our 5A Communities.

Moraga Farmer’s Market

Pleasanton Farmer’s Market

Foster City Farmer’s Market

Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market

Honokowai Farmer’s Market, Maui


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