Spring Gardening Basics

Spring Gardening Basics

Spring is fast approaching displaying new growth in gardens everywhere. Whether we have green thumbs, or are new to the gardening game, we can all use these helpful tips and tricks from Better Homes and Gardens to begin transitioning our yards from winter to spring. (For the Full article go to: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/yard/garden-care/spring-gardening-checklist/.)

Early Spring

  • Prep the beds. Remove winter mulch or, if well composted, work into the top layer of the soil. Work in some leaf mold or well-rotted manure, too.
  • Prune. Now is the time to trim fruit trees if you didn't prune in winter. Prune before buds begin to break into bloom or you'll stress the tree and get a tiny crop (or possibly none).
  • Perform basic maintenance. Check stonework for frost heaves. Check and clean the deck now so you don't have to do it later; make any repairs.


  • Build new flower beds. This year, install complementary shrubs offering blooms throughout the season.
See which shrubs flower the most in the summer.
If you mulch now, you'll have next-to-no weeding come summer.
Learn more about the different varieties of mulch.

Late Spring

  • Deadhead bulbs. Remove spent blossoms from spring-flowering bulbs; let foliage die back without removing it.
  • Go shopping. Pick out flats of your favorite bedding plants; remember to pick ones not yet in bloom for stronger plants.

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