Spring Cleaning!


With spring weather here, if you’re feeling over-whelmed with clutter, disorganization or unfinished projects at home - you need help!
The answer lies in teamwork, organization and storage.

So we’re here to help you get your home ship-shape and free you for a relaxing summer vacation! Our helpful suggestions:

Make a list of the “Projects” you want to accomplish on one piece of paper, and write "Storage" at the top of a second piece. Now have a group meeting with family or housemates and schedule dates to concentrate on one project at a time. For each project list all supplies, tools and equipment you'll need, and assign team members for the work.  If you live alone ask friends or neighbors for a suggested handy person to help you.

As you prepare to work on your projects, list everything that isn't necessary for everyday use on your "Storage" sheet.  Pack those items in boxes, label them and stack them aside.  Be ruggedly realistic with yourself and each other. If it’s an item that hasn’t been used in many months or longer, it can go into storage.  Remember your goal is comfort and a clutter-free, relaxing life.

Your home project list might include painting, cleaning out the garage, attic or basement, reorganizing closets, or turning a cluttered extra bedroom into your long dreamed of home office or den.

Just before you start on the projects, load a van or pickup with all the boxes and any extra, unneeded furniture. Take them to your nearest storage location. 5A Rent-A-Space even offers a “free” truck or van at each of our locations, available for transportation when you sign up for a storage unit.

Keep a copy of your "Storage" list at home in a file with your storage unit contract.  Post a copy on the wall inside your unit as inventory of what you’ve stored.  Remember to load the items you may need again near the front of your unit, and stack boxes with fragile items on top of the heavier ones.

Now you can work in a clutter free space, complete your projects and feel secure the stored items are well taken care of.  Best of all, if you accomplish your projects this spring, you don't have to spend your vacation doing them!  Here’s a thought; your 5A storage unit has really become your “silent household assistant.”


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