Show casing is one of the key elements in making a home sell faster. What does that mean and what can you gain by it?

It means  dressing your home like the House Beautifulmagazine ads, or like the models at a contractors new housing development....and you can gain far more Bang for your Buckthan you could ever imagine.

Shop a few homes yourself. Did they clean the closets, put away all the personal family stuff?  If not, chances are the place will look cluttered and it wont be easy for you to envision what your own furniture would look like in the rooms.

Take notes on the best looking homes and what they did that impressed you. There's no reason you can't borrow good ideas and apply them to your home.

Realtors will tell sellers;  do touch-up painting, take everything out of the closets except what you absolutely need Store  a fourth of your furniture, store sports and computer equipment, get valuables and knickknacks out of sight, and clean out the garage!  They also suggest getting the yard in top shape - curb appeal really counts.

What do you do with the table saw, ski-doo, Grandmas heirloom weaving loom and everything else?   Store it at the nearest storage facility.

Short-term  storage is the perfect answer to the home sale dilemma.  Storage facilities have several sizes and prices to choose from, one will work for your budget.

Organize your short-term storage for delivery all at one time. As you box items, make an inventory list so youll know where everything is.  On the outside of each box list the contents with a black marker.

Wrap fragile items and glassware in bubble wrap or other protective materials to cushion against breaking.   Storage facilities have a wide range of boxes and often special glassware boxes. Ask them about their packing materials.

Remember to place the boxes you need to get to frequently near the front of your unit.

Now you can go about the business of dressing up your home to make that important impression on prospective buyers.

Each  room needs  to be clean  and  nearly  bare, but have  an appealing focal point. You want to allow space so the architectural design and size of the rooms are apparent.

A large silk flower arrangement on a long dining room table, or a beautiful octagonal area rug in an entry  hall are some examples of attractive focal points. Purchase one set of color- coordinated towels each for the guest and main bathrooms and only put them out on House Showing days.

Get a number  of home and decorating magazines and review different  room arrangements  for ideas.  You can  see  how interior designers accent a room, place the furniture and what colors mix well.

Showcasing your  home, will be well  worth your  small investment in organization, dollars and time, and a storage unit for the overflow will help you get that decorator look to sell your home faster.

by J. Boyd, VP Marketing, AAAAA Rent-A-Space


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